Governor takes action on bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Gov.Gary R. Herbert has taken action on the following bills:


HB0414S01 Legislative Subpoena Amendments Rep. Dunnigan


HB0002 New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act Rep. Brown
HB0004 Current School Year Supplemental Public Education Budget Amendments Rep. Brown
HB0007 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations Rep. Brown
HB0008 State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations Rep. Wilson
HB0010 Injured Worker Reemployment Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
HB0013 Rural Waste Disposal Rep. Menlove
HB0020S02 Emergency Vehicle Operator Duty of Care Revisions Rep. Dee
HB0022 Workforce Services Amendments Rep. Edwards
HB0024S03 Insurance Related Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
HB0036 Charter School Enrollment Amendments Rep. Lifferth
HB0038S02 Resource Stewardship Amendments Rep. Arent
HB0042 Construction Liens Amendments Rep. Webb
HB0044S04 Interstate Electric Transmission Lines Rep. Handy
HB0061 Clean Air Programs Rep. Arent
HB0067S01 Political Subdivision Jurisdiction Amendments Rep. Roberts
HB0070S02 Forcible Entry Amendments Rep. Roberts
HB0072 Higher Education Grievance Procedure Amendments Rep. Wheatley
HB0075S01 Restoration of Civil Rights for Nonviolent Felons Rep. Oda
HB0076S01 Insurance Related Revisions Rep. Bird
HB0086S01 Utah Energy Infrastructure Authority Act Amendments Rep. Barrus
HB0088 Autism Program Amendments Rep. Menlove
HB0094 Workers’ Compensation and Home and Community Based Services Rep. Edwards
HB0096 Utah School Readiness Initiative Rep. Hughes
HB0098 Utah Optometry Practice Act Amendments Rep. Ray
HB0101 Roadway and Sidewalk Safety Amendments Rep. Nielson
HB0103 State Money Management Act Amendments Rep. Cunningham
HB0114 Mail-order Wholesale Drug Amendments Rep. Barlow
HB0116S01 School Construction Modifications Rep. Cunningham
HB0117S02 Patent Infringement Amendments Rep. McKell
HB0126 Retirement Amendments Rep. Perry
HB0132 Temporary Homeless Youth Shelter Amendments Rep. Froerer
HB0133S01 Contingent Management for Federal Facilities Rep. Lifferth
HB0137S01 Amendments to Driver License Sanctions for Alcohol Related Offenses Rep. Knotwell
HB0140 Tax Credit Amendments Rep. King
HB0143 Psychiatric Nurse Amendments Rep. Redd
HB0149 Amendments to Federal Law Enforcement Limitations Rep. Noel
HB0150S04 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Amendments Rep. Peterson
HB0151 Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands Rep. Stratton
HB0155S01 Utah Communication Agency Network and Utah 911 Committee Amendments Rep. Dee
HB0158S04 Grazing and Timber Agricultural Commodity Zones in Utah Rep. Noel
HB0159 Regulation of Child Care Programs Rep. Hughes
HB0160 Utah Wilderness Act Rep. Handy
HB0164 Interstate Compact on Transfer of Public Lands Rep. Stratton
HB0170 Local School Board Bond Amendments Rep. McCay
HB0171S01 Natural Gas Facilities Amendments Rep. Hughes
HB0176 Food Handler Permit Amendments Rep. Eliason
HB0183S01 Federal Land Exchange and Sale Amendments Rep. Noel
HB0192 Initiative and Referendum Petition Amendments Rep. Stanard
HB0207S01 Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments Rep. Greene
HB0212 DNA Collection Amendments Rep. Eliason
HB0221 School Community Council Revisions Rep. Cunningham
HB0225S01 Primary Law Enforcement Duties for Sheriffs Rep. Ray
HB0243S03 Amendments to the Fund of Funds Rep. Bird
HB0246S05 Government Ethics Revisions Rep. Hall
HB0250 Local School Board Amendments Rep. Draxler
HB0260 Local School Board Candidate Reporting Amendments Rep. Powell
HB0262S02 Local Governing Body Voting Amendments Rep. Powell
HB0274 Committee Subpoena Powers Amendment Rep. Bird
HB0277 Music Therapist Licensure Amendments Rep. Edwards
HB0283S03 Nonprofit Entity Receipt of Government Money Rep. Menlove
HB0286S02 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Rep. Romero
HB0291S01 State Laboratory Drug Testing Account Amendments Rep. Menlove
HB0311 Budgeting Amendments Rep. Wilson
HB0316 Financial Institutions Fee Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
HB0320S01 Educators’ Professional Learning Rep. Last
HB0323 Divorce Orientation Course Timing Rep. Nielson
HB0324S01 Ortho-bionomy Exemption Amendments Rep. Wilson
HB0329 Programs for Youth Protection Rep. Eliason
HB0332S01 Real Estate Amendments Rep. Froerer
HB0337 Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments Rep. Last
HB0342S02 Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education Rep. Layton
SB0002 Public Education Budget Amendments Sen. Hillyard
SB0003 Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Sen. Hillyard
SB0017 Water and Irrigation Amendments Sen. Dayton
SB0019S01 Appointment and Qualification of Members of the State Tax Commission Sen. Stephenson
SB0031 State Agency Reporting Amendments Sen. Osmond
SB0034S03 Statewide Data Alliance and Utah Futures Sen. Stephenson
SB0036S05 Voter Information Amendments Sen. Mayne
SB0039S01 Home School Amendments Sen. Osmond
SB0043 Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools Sen. Reid
SB0047S03 Emergency Management Act Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0051S01 Local Government Entities Amendments Sen. Stevenson
SB0053S02 Amendments to Private Investigator Regulations Sen. Dayton
SB0057S01 Autism Services Amendments Sen. Shiozawa
SB0065 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Modifications Sen. Stephenson
SB0067S01 Amendments to Public Utilities Title Sen. Adams
SB0072S01 Uninsured Motorist Provisions Sen. Hillyard
SB0073S03 Agricultural Environmental Amendments Sen. Okerlund
SB0075 Primary Care Grants Amendments Sen. Christensen
SB0077S02 Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments Sen. Vickers
SB0078 Prescription Eye Drop Guidelines Sen. Vickers
SB0086 Legislative per Diem Revision Sen. Hillyard
SB0089 Amendments to Definition of Public Utility Sen. Urquhart
SB0103S01 Local Control of Classroom Time Requirements Sen. Osmond
SB0104 Improvement of Reading Instruction Sen. Osmond
SB0116 Poll Worker Amendments Sen. Dayton
SB0122S02 Parental Rights in Public Education Sen. Osmond
SB0131S01 Student Leadership Grant Sen. Osmond
SB0133 Benefit Corporation Amendments Sen. Valentine
SB0134 Taxation Related Referendum Amendments Sen. Valentine
SB0136S01 Local Elections Amendments Sen. Stephenson
SB0147S04 Residential Rental Amendments Sen. Jones
SB0155 Apportionment of Income Amendments Sen. Bramble
SB0167S02 Regulation of Drones Sen. Stephenson
SB0168 Charity Care Amendments Sen. Christensen
SB0178 Controlled Substance Database Modifications Sen. Vickers
SB0186S02 Contractor Licensing and Continuing Education Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0209 School Grading Revisions Sen. Adams
SB0213 Compulsory Pooling Amendments Sen. Okerlund
SB0216S03 Political Subdivisions Revisions Sen. Mayne
SB0218 Charter School Amendments Sen. Stephenson
SB0224 Renewable Energy Tax Credit Amendments Sen. Okerlund

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