Managing Utah’s wild horse population

Gov. Herbert’s spokesman, Marty Carpenter, issued a statement in response to inquiries about the administration’s position concerning Utah’s wild horse population:

“The wild horses in Utah’s West Desert are an iconic part of our Western heritage. Likewise, cattle, sheep and wildlife, such as elk and deer, deserve a place on our diverse desert landscape. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for maintaining the herd sizes for wild horses. Gov.Herbert has urged the BLM to maintain the herds at the numbers required in BLM plans. He acknowledges the recent efforts of BLM officials to address the challenges local county commissioners and officials have highlighted with regard to range management. Ideally, any excess number of horses will be either moved to range where enough feed and water exists for them, or adopted by people who care about these animals. The governor hopes that relocation and adoption will address the problem of excess number of wild and released-domesticated horses so that extreme measures will not be necessary.”