Gov. Herbert signs bills to protect Utahns

Today, Gov. Herbert held a bill signing ceremony for a number of bills to protect Utahns from some of society’s most detestable acts.

The governor signed HB71 Distribution of Personal Images, better known as the “revenge porn” bill, to address situations in which explicit images are published by a former partner in a relationship as a form of retribution. Other bills signed today help rape victims track the processing of evidence collected in rape kits (HB157), prevent child sex abuse (HB286) and exposure of children to pornography (SB227,) as well as helping victims of human trafficking (HB254).

“These are hard issues, difficult issues, sometimes difficult to even talk about,” said Gov. Herbert. “We’d like to think that this doesn’t happen in Utah. I wish that it didn’t.”

The governor made special mention of the bipartisan nature of these bills. In particular, HB71 was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Marie Poulson and co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Craig Hall. The two were working on similar bills at the beginning of the legislative session. Rep. Hall ultimately decided to set his bill aside and work with his colleague from across the aisle.