Governor says Healthy Utah will benefit businesses

Polls* show the more Utahns learn about Gov. Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan, the more they like it.

Gov. Herbert met with business leaders at the Northern Utah Chamber on Thursday to explain how his alternative to Medicaid expansion will benefit Utah businesses.

The governor based his Healthy Utah plan on four principles:

  1. Individual responsibility
  2. Supporting private markets
  3. Maximizing state flexibility
  4. Serving the best interests of the taxpayer

Under Gov. Herbert’s plan, enrollees will choose from a variety of private insurance distributors in Utah through a state health exchange, rather than using the one-size-fits-all federal Medicaid program.

Those who qualify for the Healthy Utah plan will also be connected to a work effort program run by Dept. of Workforce Services to help enrollees find jobs, or better-paying jobs, so that they can become self-sufficient and will eventually no longer need subsidized health care.

If passed, the three-year pilot program will bring $258 million in federal tax dollars back home to Utah and into the private market to provide health care for roughly 60,000 Utahns who live beneath the federal poverty line.