Governor appoints judge to fill Supreme Court vacancy


Gov. Gary R. Herbert nominated 3rd District Court Judge Constandinos G. Himonas to the Utah Supreme Court this morning to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Ronald Nehring.

“It is an honor for me to appoint Judge Deno Himonas to the Utah Supreme Court,” said Gov. Herbert. “Making a selection of this importance is a responsibility I take very seriously. I look for a person with integrity, intelligence, experience and a great sense of respect for the responsibility of the position. I am confident that Judge Himonas possesses all of these qualities and that he is the right choice.”

Judge Himonas served as a district court judge for more than 10 years and has demonstrated a commitment to follow the rule of law.

“For the past ten years, I have had the privilege of working for the people of this state as a district court judge,” said Judge Himonas. “In that capacity, something I have always tried to remember is that the cases we hear as judges represent either the most important thing going on in the lives of the people in front of us, or one of the most important things. Consequently, I have endeavored to give those cases the full measure of my abilities. And, if confirmed, I commit to this degree of dedication–certainly one the people deserve.”

He is known, not only for his exceptional analytical abilities, but also for his personal and professional integrity. The governor said he is confident Judge Himonas appreciates the great responsibility that accompanies the position of Utah Supreme Court Justice and will approach the position with hard work and humility.