Utah named best overall economic performing state

For the second consecutive year, Utah has been recognized as the nation’s “best overall economic performing state” by the Enterprising States project.

“It’s hard to win back-to-back titles so we are understandably excited,” Gov. Herbert said. “This recognition validates Utah’s commitment to adhere to the principles proven to grow the economy, which creates a fertile field for business, respects the free market and empowers the private sector to do what it does best.”

The Enterprising States project is a report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation that examines state policies.

The Beehive State was the only state to rank in the top 10 for every category. No other state has ever before ranked in the top 10 for every category, though Utah has now done it twice.

Utah’s rankings are impressive:

  • 3rd in economic performance
  • 3rd in exports
  • 3rd in infrastructure
  • 4th in talent pipeline
  • 4th in technology and entrepreneurship
  • 6th in business climate

Gov. Herbert said much of the credit for Utah’s success goes to those in the business community for all they have done to grow our economy.

“The private sector — not government — creates jobs and economic opportunities for Utah’s residents,” he said.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation President John “Jock” McKernan Jr. came to Utah to attend the recognition ceremony.

Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Val Hale, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development were also present.

“As good as back-to-back titles are, I think a ‘three-peat’ in the foundation’s Enterprising States would be even better,” Gov. Herbert said.