Gov. Herbert signs 86 bills including support for veterans and Native Americans

SALT LAKE CITY (March 30, 2015) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed an additional 86 bills today, bringing the total number of bills the governor has taken action on from the 2015 General Legislative Session to 397. The Legislature passed 528 bills this session, 495 of which require action by the governor.

Among those signed are three veteran-related bills: SCR 6, Concurrent Resolution Supporting Vietnam Veterans; HB 275, Highway Designation Amendments; and SB 214, Veterans Court. The bills recognize, honor and support the men and women who served in Vietnam.

“We can’t thank our veterans enough,” said Gov. Herbert. “We want to honor our brave Utah men and women in uniform who fought so bravely in the Vietnam War. They have returned with honor and now have some challenges. We want to help them with treatment and rehabilitation.”

The Gov. also signed three Native American-related bills during a special ceremony today: SB90, Utah Navajo Royalties Amendments; SCR2, Concurrent Resolution Regarding Navajo Water Rights Settlement; and HB33, American Indian-Alaskan Native Education Amendments, which establishes a commission comprised of state and tribal leaders to formulate a statewide Native education plan to increase educational outcomes of our Native students.

“All too often, our Native American students lag behind their counterparts in education attainment,” said Gov. Herbert. “HB33 represents a positive first step to closing that achievement gap and ensuring that our Native students have the education and training they need to succeed.”

The full list of bills the governor took action on today is as follows:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0022S01 Tourism Marketing Performance Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0041S01 Local Economic Development Amendments Snow, V.L.
HB0046S01 Mechanics Lien Revisions McKell, M.
HB0110S02 Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments Arent, P.
HB0132 Interstate Compact on Transfer of Public Lands Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0174 Procurement Code Modification Lifferth, D.
HB0191 Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act Amendments Ray, P.
HB0201 Interlocal Entities Amendments Nelson, M.
HB0275 Highway Designation Amendments Fawson, J.
HB0323 Resource Management Planning by Local Governments Stratton, K.
HB0345S02 Education Abuse Policy McCay, D.
HB0352 Title Insurance Reporting and Assessment Amendments Roberts, M.
HB0380S01 Disabled Adult Guardianship Amendments Edwards, R.
HB0443 Capitol Preservation Board Amendments Grover, K.
HCR011 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the Office of the State Fire Marshal Hutchings, E.
SB0011 Utah Retirement Systems Revisions Weiler, T.
SB0060S02 American Civics Education Initiative Stephenson, H.
SB0082S01 Forcible Entry Amendments Urquhart, S.
SB0088 Public Utilities Amendments Van Tassell, K.
SB0090S01 Utah Navajo Royalties Amendments Van Tassell, K.
SB0092 Dental Practice Act Amendments Knudson, P.
SB0102S01 Online Pharmacy Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0103 Child Welfare Amendments Harper, W.
SB0108 Social Work Amendments Davis, G.
SB0110 Public Utility Modifications Jackson, A.
SB0118S02 Homeowner and Condominium Association Modifications Weiler, T.
SB0119S01 Prescription Database Revisions Weiler, T.
SB0124S03 Land Use Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0128 Long-term Disability Insurance Plan Amendments Dayton, M.
SB0134S03 Game Fowl Fighting – Amendments Davis, G.
SB0143 Title and Escrow Modifications Bramble, C.
SB0146 Driving Privilege Amendments Millner, A.
SB0147 Epinephrine Auto-injector Use Expansion Dayton, M.
SB0149 Repeal of Funds Christensen, A.
SB0155 Children’s Justice Centers Amendments Okerlund, R.
SB0157S03 Government Records Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0158S01 Pharmacy Amendments Vickers, E.
SB0166 Dixie State University Media Center Name Change Urquhart, S.
SB0167 Juvenile Offender Amendments Osmond, A.
SB0170 Career Service Review Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0171 Metal Recycling Amendments Jenkins, S.
SB0174 Registered Agents Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0176S02 Governmental Immunity Act Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0177S02 Dental Hygienist Practice Amendments Urquhart, S.
SB0179 Amendments to Economic Development Shiozawa, B.
SB0180 Arbitration Amendments Urquhart, S.
SB0181 Driver License Modifications Bramble, C.
SB0183 Judicial Salaries and Compensation Hillyard, L.
SB0184 Driving Privilege Card Application Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0193S01 Local Government Amendments Henderson, D.
SB0194S01 Arts and Culture Business Alliance Dabakis, J.
SB0198 Alcoholic Beverage Control Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0199S05 Local Government Revisions Mayne, K.
SB0201 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Revisions Stephenson, H.
SB0214 Veterans Court Knudson, P.
SB0215 Settlement Authority Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0216S03 High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credits Okerlund, R.
SB0223S01 Ustar Governance Amendments Osmond, A.
SB0228 Emergency Order Amendments Okerlund, R.
SB0229 Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee Extension Hillyard, L.
SB0230 Utah Prairie Dog Management Appropriation Vickers, E.
SB0232 Higher Education Performance Funding Urquhart, S.
SB0233S01 Attorney General Contingent Fee Contracts Adams, J.S.
SB0238 Prostitution Amendments Millner, A.
SB0239S01 Retirement Withdrawal Modifications Weiler, T.
SB0241 Sales Tax Amendments Harper, W.
SB0243S04 Utah Futures Participation Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0246S01 Licensing of Autism Providers Shiozawa, B.
SB0247 State Employees’ Annual Leave Trust Fund Amendments Henderson, D.
SB0250 Income Tax Revisions Bramble, C.
SB0253 Exceptions for Privately Funded Scholarships Jenkins, S.
SB0255S01 Data Security Management Council Harper, W.
SB0263S01 Early Reading Amendments Urquhart, S.
SB0264S01 Survey Monuments Replacement Okerlund, R.
SB0270 Carson Smith Scholarship Amendments Adams, J.S.
SB0271 Health Benefit Plan Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0272 Payment of Wages Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0274 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0280 Utah Energy Act Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0282S01 Administrative Law Judge Amendments Dayton, M.
SCR003 Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress to Support the Implementation of the State’s Sage Grouse Conservation Plan Van Tassell, K.
SCR004 Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Creation of National Monuments Urquhart, S.
SCR006 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Vietnam Veterans Bramble, C.
SCR007 Concurrent Resolution Regarding a Military Test Site in Western Utah Bramble, C.
SCR009 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Utah’s Sport and Olympic Legacy Efforts Adams, J.S.
SCR010S01 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Public Lands Initiative Hinkins, D.