Gov. Herbert attends 100th Black and White Days, visits school in northern Utah

Gov. Gary Herbert visited northern Utah Friday where he greeted elementary students in Hyrum and met dairy farmers from around the state at the centennial Black and White Days celebration.

This year marked the 100th Black and White Days, an annual celebration of Utah’s incredible dairy industry held in Richmond.

Gov. Herbert thanked dairy industry workers for bringing milk, cheese, ice cream, butter and other wonderful dairy products to the people of our state and beyond.

The Governor also visited elementary students at Lincoln Elementary in Hyrum. During his visit, several fifth graders were presented with the Great American Award. The Great American Award program was created by teachers at Lincoln Elementary. To receive the award, students must memorize the Gettysburg Address, the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and the National Anthem. Additionally, they are required to learn facts about the United States and Utah.

The talented students of Lincoln Elementary performed “Utah, This is The Place” for the Governor, and even had a bell choir.

The Governor encouraged students to prioritize their education and promised it would lead to good jobs. You can view more photos from his visit to Lincoln Elementary here.