Sports, Olympic Legacy key to state branding and economy


Gov. Gary Herbert signed a resolution Tuesday, stating that Utah is ready, willing and able to host another Olympic Games.

“We are capable of hosting the Winter Olympics again,” said Gov. Herbert. “In fact, I would say we are the best place―not only in North America, but maybe the best place in the world―to host a Winter Olympics again.”

The resolution, SCR 9, recognizes the important role of Utah’s sport and Olympic Legacy in the state’s economy and branding.

Utah, also known as the State of Sport, has hosted approximately 600 major sporting events in 27 cities since the 2002 Winter Olympics. Impressively, all Olympic venues continue to be used today.

The direct economic impact of sporting events in Utah since the winter games is estimated to be $1.5 billion.

The sports played in Utah are enjoyed by worldwide audiences. According to the Utah Sports Commission, the media value of sporting events held in Utah since the Olympics is about $350 million.

The 2002 Winter Olympics make up a part of Utah’s national and international identity. People around the world continue to visit the State of Sport to utilize venues where the famous games were played in 2002.