Gov. Herbert to lead bipartisan organization of nation’s governors

The National Governors Association Summer Meeting, 2015The Greenbrier, Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Governors from across the nation gathered this weekend in West Virginia and appointed Utah Gov. Gary Herbert as the new chair of the National Governors Association (NGA)—a bipartisan organization of the nation’s governors. Through NGA, governors share best practices and speak with a collective voice on national policy issues.

As head of the NGA, Gov. Herbert and his executive board will meet regularly with the president and vice president, as well as members of the Cabinet. Gov. Herbert will serve as a liaison for governors and the president and will also appoint governors to provide leadership on NGA committees.

Herbert Initiative Pocket Card_final2

The governor has created a yearlong chair’s initiative to highlight governors’ innovative solutions to today’s most pressing problems entitled, “States: Finding Solutions, Improving Lives.” His initiative focuses on state-based solutions while enhancing a collaborative state-federal partnership.

“To find real solutions to the issues we face every day, we will look to the real innovators—states, our laboratories of democracy,” said Gov. Herbert. “I believe my colleagues have implemented some of the most innovative solutions across the country. My initiative will showcase their breakthroughs.”

The NGA meetings over the next year will be centered on the governor’s initiative and will feature conversations with gubernatorial staff members and experts from around the country, as well as members of the White House administration.

Prior to this announcement, Gov. Herbert served as vice chair of the NGA.