Utah Driver License Division reduces wait times significantly

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Utah residents can now obtain a driver’s license in a matter of minutes, thanks to two new projects implemented by the Utah Driver License Division.

Gov. Gary R. Herbert visited the Driver License Division Thursday to see first-hand how the projects reduce historically long wait times and high customer complaints. The results are part of the governor’s challenge to all state agencies to become 25 percent more efficient by the end of the year 2016.

We continue to strive to become the best managed state with results that deliver value for the Utah taxpayer,” Gov. Herbert said. “I commend Department of Public Safety employees for their innovative solutions and firm commitment to providing the best possible services for Utahns.”

The Utah Driver License Division in West Valley City has reduced the average wait time for customers down to 4 minutes by creating work stations and adding an information desk where employees sort customers by case type to speed up their visit.

In addition, those who are required to submit a medical form now have their information processed within 24 hours. Before, the process took an average of two to three weeks. By identifying inefficiencies and strengthening processes, medical eligibility employees have been able to completely eradicate their backlog.

The result is that customers are getting their licenses faster, even though the number of employees at the West Valley office has decreased and the office is seeing an increase in the number of customers it serves.

With 14 months to go before the December 2016 target date, two-thirds of all state services have collectively achieved the governor’s goal of improving performance by 25 percent. The remaining one-third are on track to meet the target date.

The Utah Driver License Division is housed within the Utah Department of Public Safety.