Governor visits refugees at state education and training center

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Gov. Gary R. Herbert and his wife Jeanette visited the Refugee Education and Training Center at Salt Lake Community College Tuesday to learn about job training and academic resources available to the estimated 60,000 refugees in Utah.

“Refugees are a great asset to our state and local communities,” Gov. Herbert said. “They come with a very strong work ethic. They are not looking for a guarantee, only for an opportunity.”

The center aims to foster opportunities for refugees to access better paying jobs by teaching English language and life skills classes, as well as offering academic advisement.

Today the governor heard directly from refugees enrolled in training programs about the effectiveness of the workshops and employment classes. Refugees have found the center to be a place where they can gather and help each other overcome the challenges of resettling. 

The partnership between Salt Lake Community College, Utah State University and the Department of Workforce Services will help bridge the gap between a refugee’s initial job and the skills and training needed to earn a wage that will sufficiently provide for themselves and their family.

The governor encourages Utah businesses and employers to hire from the state’s skilled refugee workforce and participate in trainings when possible at the Refugee Education and Training Center.



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