Governor, police officers issue holiday reminder: Don’t drink and drive


There is never, ever a reason to drive under the influence of alcohol. Gov. Gary R. Herbert and Utah law enforcement officers joined forces Friday to reinforce this critical message as Utahns plan for holiday festivities to finish off the year.

“I’ve spoken to the victims of DUI crashesto those who have lost family members in alcohol-related accidents. It literally changes their lives forever,” Gov. Herbert said. “They face empty seats at the table during the holidays and an emptiness in their hearts. And all of this is 100 percent preventable.”

Too many people in Utah are choosing to drink and drive with tragic consequences that affect not only their lives, but the lives of many others.

In 2014, 45 people in Utah lost their lives in car accidents involving drunk drivers. That number is nearly doublea 95 percent increasethe number of drunk driving deaths in 2013 (23).

The governor also recognized local law enforcement officers during his remarks for their dedication to keeping Utahns safe during the holidays.

“They’ll be stepping up their efforts during the holiday season to help make sure no one else experiences a devastating loss because of someone’s illegal and poor choice to drink and drive,” he said. “These dedicated men and women work day in and day out to protect Utahns.”