Historic 45-star flag presented to Governor

The 15-foot American flag found in an Iowa junkyard will be presented to Gov. Herbert to commemorate Utah’s 120th statehood anniversary

What: Mary Mommer will present an historic 45-star flag to Gov. Gary R. Herbert to honor the 120th anniversary of Utah’s statehood this month.

Jack Mommer of Dike, Iowa was searching for used car parts in an Iowa junkyard in 2007 when he discovered a large and historic American flag in a broken-down van. He planned to present the 45-star flag to the State of Utah, the forty-fifth state to join the Union, but passed away from cancer in 2014 before he had the opportunity to do so. This week, Mrs. Mary Mommer and a family friend Carry Ruggles will present the flag to Gov. Herbert on behalf of the late Jack Mommer.

Gov. Gary R. Herbert
Mary Mommer, wife of the late Jack Mommer who found the historic flag
Carry Ruggles, family friend of the Mommers

When: Tues., Jan. 12, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.

Where: Gold Room, Utah State Capitol
350 N. State Street, Salt Lake City UT 84114