Gov. Herbert takes action on 31 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (March 17, 2016) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed 31 new bills, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2016 Legislative Session to 52.

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
H.B. 140 Public Utilities and Technology Committee Name Change Rep. Stephen G. Handy
H.B. 320 Metro Township Revisions Rep. LaVar Christensen
H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100-year Anniversary of Our National Parks Rep. Justin L. Fawson
H.C.R. 10 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Historic and Economic Relationships Between Canada, the United States, and Utah Rep. Stephen G. Handy
S.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Approving the Test and Training Range Land Exchange Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson
S.C.R. 10 Communications Spectrum Translator System Concurrent Resolution Sen. Ralph Okerlund
H.B. 216 Utah Educational Savings Plan Amendments Rep. Stewart Barlow
H.C.R. 7 Concurrent Resolution for a Statue to Recognize Father Dominguez and Father Escalante Rep. Mark A. Wheatley
H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution on the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway Rep. Stephen G. Handy
H.B. 48 Election Law Amendments Rep. Daniel McCay
H.B. 207 Fourth District Juvenile Court Judge Rep. Dean Sanpei
H.B. 211 Agricultural Exemption Amendments Rep. Lee B. Perry
H.B. 213 Agricultural Modifications Rep. Scott D. Sandall
H.B. 282 State Contractor Employee Health Coverage Amendments Rep. James A. Dunnigan
H.B. 314 Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act Amendments Rep. Stephen G. Handy
S.B. 23 Water Law – Protected Purchaser Amendments Sen. Margaret Dayton
S.B. 26 Election Notice Amendments Sen. Margaret Dayton
S.B. 27 Absentee Ballot Amendments Sen. Margaret Dayton
S.B. 30 Department of Commerce Boards, Committees, and Commissions Concurrence Amendments Sen. Curtis S. Bramble
S.B. 56 Nurse Practice Act Amendments Sen. Evan J. Vickers
S.B. 62 JROTC Instructor Amendments Sen. Margaret Dayton
S.B. 78 State Board of Education Candidate Selection Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 129 Driving Privilege Card Amendments Sen. Curtis S. Bramble
S.B. 144 Dead Domestic Animal Disposal Amendments Sen. Ralph Okerlund
S.B. 146 Workers’ Compensation Amendments Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart
S.B. 162 Crime Victims Council Amendments Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell
S.B. 181 Judiciary Amendments Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard
S.B. 186 Air Quality Incentives Sen. Curtis S. Bramble
S.C.R. 2 Concurrent Resolution in Support of Sales and Use Tax Transactional Equity Sen. Wayne A. Harper
S.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution in Support of Law Enforcement Officers Sen. Alvin B. Jackson
S.C.R. 11 Concurrent Resolution Urging the Rescheduling of Marijuana Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa