Gov. Herbert signs 20 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (March 23, 2016) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed 20 new bills, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2016 Legislative Session to 228.

The governor signed the following bills:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
H.B. 34 Business and Labor Interim Committee Report Amendments Rep. Val Peterson
H.B. 40 Agency Reporting Requirements Rep. Bradley Last
H.B. 49 State Liability Protection for School Employees Rep. Curtis Oda
H.B. 89 Office of State Debt Collection Reporting Amendments Rep. Craig Hall
H.B. 142 Agency Auditing Procedures for Education Rep. Bruce R. Cutler
H.B. 175 Public Education Employment Amendments Rep. Kraig Powell
H.B. 182 Concurrent Enrollment Education Amendments Rep. Val Peterson
H.B. 200 Student Assessment Modifications Rep. Marie Poulson
H.B. 201 Student Testing Amendments Rep. Marie Poulson
H.B. 289 Charter School Closure Amendments Rep. Sophia DiCaro
H.B. 301 School Bus Route Grant Program Rep. Jon Stanard
H.B. 331 Education Provisions Rep. Steve Eliason
H.B. 343 School Administration Amendments Rep. Keven Stratton
H.B. 358 Student Privacy Amendments Rep. Jacob Anderegg
S.B. 38 School Funding Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 91 Board of Education Amendments Sen. Lyle Hillyard
S.B. 139 Board of Education Approval Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 166 Utah Science, Technology, and Research Modifications Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 191 School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act Amendments Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 242 Special Education Intensive Needs Fund Amendments Sen. Lincoln Fillmore