Gov. Herbert signs 41 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2016) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed 41 new bills, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2016 Legislative Session to 270.

The governor signed the following bills:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
H.B. 34 Business and Labor Interim Committee Report Amendments Rep. Val Peterson
H.B. 16 Offender Registry Amendments Rep. Jack Draxler
H.B. 33 Fire Prevention Board Membership Amendments Rep. James Dunnigan
H.B. 54 Economic Development Tax Increment Financing Amendments Rep. Rebecca Edwards
H.B. 62 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice – Statutory Reports Repeal Rep. Don Ipson
H.B. 103 Department of Administrative Services Amendments Rep. Curtis Oda
H.B. 105 Human Trafficking Revisions Rep. Angela Romero
H.B. 148 Protective Order Amendments Rep. Angela Romero
H.B. 150 Controlled Substance Prescription Notification Rep. Brad Daw
H.B. 151 Acupuncture Licensing Board Amendments Rep. Sophia DiCaro
H.B. 185 Deception Detection Examiners Licensing Amendments Rep. Francis Gibson
H.B. 192 Opiate Overdose Response Act — Pilot Program and Other Amendments Rep. Mike McKell
H.B. 209 Public Transit District Board County Appointment Amendments Rep. Johnny Anderson
H.B. 210 Simulated Emergency Vehicle Exemption Rep. Daniel McCay
H.B. 238 Opiate Overdose Response Act — Overdose Outreach Providers and Other Amendments Rep. Carol Moss
H.B. 240 Opiate Overdose Response Act — Standing Orders and Other Amendments Rep. Steve Eliason
H.B. 241 Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck
H.B. 255 Condominium and Community Ownership Amendments Rep. Mike Schultz
H.B. 259 Substance Abuse Treatment Fraud Rep. Eric Hutchings
H.B. 280 Autonomous Vehicle Study Rep. Robert Spendlove
H.B. 330 State Fire Code Revisions Rep. Mike Schultz
H.B. 322 State Building Designation Rep. Susan Duckworth
H.B. 338 Juneteenth Holiday Observance Rep. Sandra Hollins
H.B. 339 Child Welfare Services Amendments Rep. Kay Christofferson
H.B. 392 Executive Appropriations Committee Report Amendments Rep. Dean Sanpei
H.B. 404 Crime Victim Restitution Amendments Rep. Brad Wilson
H.B. 448 Airport Fee Amendments Rep. Derrin Owens
H.B. 455 Health Modifications Rep. Timothy Hawkes
S.B. 18 Workforce Services Job Listings Amendments Sen. Peter Knudson
S.B. 29 Retirement Systems Amendments Sen. Todd Weiler
S.B. 37 Human Resource Management Rate Committee Sen. Todd Weiler
S.B. 53 Veteran’s Definition Amendments Sen. Peter Knudson
S.B. 82 Child Welfare Modifications Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 99 Transparency for Political Subdivisions Sen. Deidre Henderson
S.B. 105 Bail Amendments Sen. Lyle Hillyard
S.B. 127 Labor Commission Amendments Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 131 Utah College of Applied Technology Governance Amendments Sen. Stephen Urquhart
S.B. 135 Administrative Law Judge Amendments Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 136 Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments Sen. Evan Vickers
S.B. 216 Workers’ Compensation Related Amendments Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 218 Department of Corrections Amendments Sen. Lincoln Fillmore
S.B. 219 Fair Housing Act Amendments Sen. Todd Weiler
S.B. 221 Capitol Protocol Amendments Sen. Mark Madsen