Gov. Herbert signs 56 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (March 28, 2016) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed 56 new bills, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2016 Legislative Session to 389.

The governor signed the following bills:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
H.B. 51 Recodification of Post retirement Reemployment Provisions Rep. Kraig Powell
H.B. 61 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Changes Rep. John Knotwell
H.B. 118 Public Access of Administrative Action Amendments Rep. Brian Greene
H.B. 155 Reporting of Child Pornography Rep. Craig Hall
H.B. 163 Title Insurance Amendments Rep. Curt Webb
H.B. 266 Unclaimed Capital Credits Amendments Rep. Michael Noel
H.B. 269 Recycling of Copper Wire Rep. Fred Cox
H.B. 276 Utah Public Land Management Act Rep. Michael Noel
H.B. 277 Personalized Learning and Teaching Amendments Rep. John Knotwell
H.B. 311 White Collar Crime Registry Amendments Rep. Mike McKell
H.B. 443 School Dropout Prevention and Recovery Rep. Francis Gibson
S.B. 12 Passenger Carrier Requirements Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 13 State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund Amendments Sen. Scott Jenkins
S.B. 15 Apportionment of Business Income Amendments Sen. Deidre Henderson
S.B. 17 Revenue and Taxation Amendments Sen. Kevin Van Tassell
S.B. 22 Foreclosure of Residential Rental Property Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 31 Tax Commission Levy Process Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 32 Reauthorization of Hospital Provider Assessment Act Sen. Brian Shiozawa
S.B. 51 Teacher Leader Role Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 57 Public Safety Emergency Management Amendments Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 59 Anti-discrimination and Workplace Accommodations Revisions Sen. Todd Weiler
S.B. 67 Partnerships for Student Success Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 68 Property Tax Amendments Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 74 Aviation Amendments Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 86 School Building Coordination Sen. Alvin Jackson
S.B. 93 Computer Science Initiative for Public Schools Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 101 High Quality School Readiness Program Expansion Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 102 High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit Amendments Sen. Ralph Okerlund
S.B. 103 Strategic Workforce Investments Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 106 Assault Offense Amendments Sen. Brian Shiozawa
S.B. 110 Water Quality Amendments Sen. David Hinkins
S.B. 120 Property Tax Notice Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 123 Office of Licensing Amendments Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 125 After-school Programs Amendments Sen. Luz Escamilla
S.B. 137 County Option Funding for Botanical, Cultural, Recreational, and Zoological Organizations and Facilities Sen. Brian Shiozawa
S.B. 140 Home and Community-Based Services Amendments Sen. Jani Iwamoto
S.B. 142 Improvement District Amendments Sen. Todd Weiler
S.B. 143 Competency-based Learning Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 147 Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code Sen. Ralph Okerlund
S.B. 149 School Grading Modifications Sen. Ann Millner
S.B. 151 Community Development and Renewal Agencies Act Revisions Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 158 Juvenile Court and Child Abuse Amendments Sen. Wayne Harper
S.B. 159 Severance Tax Exemption Extension Sen. Kevin Van Tassell
S.B. 164 Local Government Modifications Sen. Deidre Henderson
S.B. 171 Economic Development Tax Credits Amendments Sen. Curtis Bramble
S.B. 184 Procurement Code Modifications Sen. Scott Jenkins
S.B. 194 Vehicle Registration and Insurance Amendments Sen. Curtis Bramble
S.B. 199 Skilled Nursing Facility Amendments Sen. Brian Shiozawa
S.B. 200 Compensatory Mitigation Program for Sage Grouse Sen. Kevin Van Tassell
S.B. 201 Transportation Network Company Amendments Sen. Curtis Bramble
S.B. 205 Ethics Revisions Sen. Ralph Okerlund
S.B. 215 Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendments Sen. Stephen Urquhart
S.B. 234 Protecting Unborn Children Amendments Sen. Curtis Bramble
S.B. 239 School Governance Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 258 Distribution of Local Sales Tax Revenue Sen. Ralph Okerlund
S.C.R. 13 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Randy Horiuchi Sen. Jani Iwamoto