Gov. Herbert signs 31 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (March 30, 2016) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed 31 new bills, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2016 Legislative Session to 420.

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
H.B. 10 Initiative and Referendum Amendments Rep. Brian Greene
H.B. 23 Privilege Tax Amendments Rep. Jon Stanard
H.B. 25 Property Tax Changes Rep. Daniel McCay
H.B. 32 Subdivision Base Parcel Tax Amendments Rep. R. Curt Webb
H.B. 87 Clean Fuel Conversion Amendments Rep. Stephen Handy
H.B. 116 Determination of Employer Status Amendments Rep. Brian Greene
H.B. 130 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Amendments Rep. Patrice Arent
H.B. 179 Consensual Sexual Activity of a Minor Rep. Merrill Nelson
H.B. 183 County Option Sales and Use Tax for Highways and Public Transit Amendments Rep. Jack Draxler
H.B. 190 Taxation of Foreign Income Amendments Rep. Brad Wilson
H.B. 208 Tax Issues Amendments Rep. Steve Eliason
H.B. 242 Alternative Energy Development Tax Amendments Rep. Stephen Handy
H.B. 267 Charitable Solicitation Act Amendments Rep. Patrice Arent
H.B. 270 Constitutional Defense Restricted Account Amendments Rep. Michael Noel
H.B. 279 Statute of Limitations Reform Amendments Rep. Ken Ivory
H.B. 288 Educational Records Protection Amendments Rep. Craig Hall
H.B. 321 Real Estate Transaction Amendments Rep. Brian Greene
H.B. 341 Interlocal Cooperation Act Amendments Rep. Merrill Nelson
H.B. 391 Law Enforcement Revisions Rep. Michael Noel
H.B. 402 Real Estate Amendments Rep. Gage Froerer
H.B. 403 Asbestos Litigation Transparency Act Rep. Brad Wilson
H.B. 428 Local Government Bonding Amendments Rep. Doug Sagers
H.B. 431 Affordable Housing Revisions Rep. Rebecca Edwards
S.B. 49 Statute of Limitations on Environmental Code Violations Sen. Luz Escamilla
S.B. 72 School and Institutional Trust Lands Management Act Amendments Sen. Margaret Dayton
S.B. 76 Workers’ Compensation for Volunteers Sen. Karen Mayne
S.B. 88 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 112 Property Tax Assessment Amount Amendments Sen. Howard Stephenson
S.B. 115 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act Sen. Stuart Adams
S.B. 154 Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations Sen. Stuart Adams
S.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis Sen. Todd Weiler