Strengthening Utah’s economy through positive foreign relations


In recent years, Utah has received international recognition for its business performance at home and abroad.

As Utah’s head of state, Gov. Gary R. Herbert plays an important role in strengthening diplomatic, cultural and political ties between Utah and nations around the world. On Tuesday morning, he met with a representative from the National Assembly of France to discuss trade, investments and tourism.

“Working with other nations enhances Utah’s visibility, promotes Utah tourism, encourages foreign direct investment in Utah and forges stronger educational, cultural and political relationships,” said Gov. Herbert.

When he first took office, the governor set a goal for Utah to become the nation’s leading economy and to be recognized as a premier global business destination. By meeting with foreign dignitaries and government officials, Gov. Herbert is able to foster opportunities for Utah businesses to enter and expand in foreign markets, as well as open Utah’s doors for business.

Travel and tourism provide billions in economic impact each year, and the state has done a great job of cultivating investments and attracting tourism dollars through positive relations with foreign nations. These positive relations also help maintain peaceful societies and provide educational opportunities for Utahns studying abroad.

During his time in office, the governor or members of his staff have hosted close to 200 European dignitaries in Utah. Last month, Gov. Herbert met with numerous foreign dignitaries including His Excellency Arun Kumar Singh, Ambassador of the Republic of India to the United States. In February, he hosted a Liaoning delegation to recognize Utah’s 10-year relationship with the Liaoning Provincial Legislature.


The Utah Capitol was also honored to host the Pacific Alliance Ambassadors from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


While Utah may seem like a small state, its larger role on the global scale cannot be discounted. Utah’s relationships with foreign nations contribute to the strong economy and booming business successes that have come to be a staple of the Beehive State.