Governor signs bills to reduce standardized testing


Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed ceremonial copies of two companion bills Thursday, which will reduce state standardized testing and allow for greater flexibility and local control in deciding how to evaluate teacher performance.

“Today is another reminder that Utah is in control of our education system,” Gov. Herbert said. “Our teachers require more freedom to be creative in the classroom in order to maximize the time students spend learning, not the time they spend taking tests.”

The governor believes that administering too many standardized tests puts undue pressure on students and teachers and detracts from classroom time that could be used for valuable teaching and instruction.

HB 200 allows school districts and charter schools to waive SAGE testing requirements (Utah’s annual exam) for eleventh grade students. With the passage of HB 201, students’ standardized test scores will no longer affect teacher evaluations.

Together, these bills bring increased flexibility and local control to Utah’s education system that will greatly benefit students, teachers and schools.