Governor signs bills cutting red tape in government

Fourth grade students from Roy Elementary watched as Gov. Herbert signed 14 bills that cut red tape in government.

Fourth grade students from Roy Elementary watched as Gov. Herbert signed 14 bills that cut red tape in government.

Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed copies of 14 bills Tuesday which cut red tape in government by reducing taxes, eliminating regulations and cleaning up state code.

“Over the past few years, every sector of Utah’s economy has grown with one exception: government” Gov. Herbert said. “As governor, I will continue to seek out areas to give freedom and power back to the public, not the other way around.”

Among the bills signed today were HB 194, which removed a regulation related to where different types of milk could be sold, HB 488 which removed a registration fee, and SB 17, a tax reduction on the oil and gas industry in the Uintah Basin.

Prior to the general session earlier this year, the governor called on the Legislature to find areas of relevant state code that could be updated and improved upon and, where possible, deleted altogether. He also asked members of his Cabinet to find areas to reduce costs while continuing to provide quality services for Utahns.

Part of the result of that call was the 14 bills signed today, which reduce regulations, clean up state code, and in the case of three of the bills, even provide modest tax cuts totalling about $9 million.

Of course, this is just one part of the efforts made to increase efficiency in the Beehive State. Over the last five years, Utah has reduced the number of state employees by 11 percent, even though the population is growing rapidly. Because Utah’s state government workforce did not increase at the same rate as our population, Utah has saved an estimated $177 million.

Additionally, the state will meet its goal of improving performance of all state services by 25 percent, months before the Dec. 2016 deadline.

The ceremonial bill copies signed by the governor today were as follows:

  • HB 488 Airport Fee Amendment
  • SB 218 Department of Corrections Amendments
  • HB 26 Revenue and Taxation Interim
  • HB 29 Transportation Interim Committee Reports Amendments
  • HB 40 Agency Reporting Requirements
  • HB 62 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice-Statutory Reports Repeal
  • HB 138 Consumer Electronic Device Recycling Report Amendments
  • HB 392  Executive Appropriations Committee Report Amendments
  • SB 21 Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports and Programs
  • SB 50 Health Code Repealer
  • HB 194 Milk Sales Amendments
  • HB 61 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Changes
  • HB 190 Taxation of Foreign Income Amendments
  • SB 17 Revenue and Taxation Amendments