Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation

May 3 is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and Gov. Gary Herbert shared his thoughts about the positive impact Utah teachers have on the lives of their students.

“The most impactful person in a student’s life, other than his or her own family, is a teacher. And Utah is blessed to have some of the very best.

“Teaching is a time-consuming job that touches the full range of human emotions. Teachers get the high fives after one of those important ‘aha’ moments, but they also help dry a tear when a child struggles to make that big breakthrough that their teacher knows is just around the corner.

“Teachers sacrifice day after day, but they don’t get thanked for it every day. The time is long overdue that we change that.

“Take the time to thank a teacher. None of us would be where we are today without their dedication and support.”

Gov. Herbert has a strong record for supporting teachers and students. This year alone, he signed three laws that prohibit students’ standardized test scores from affecting teacher evaluations, reduce the number of standardized tests in Utah classrooms, and add $450 million to the state education budget.

In addition, he has proposed increases in teacher compensation as well as new funds to pay for classroom supplies in each of his budget proposals.

The governor believes that Utah schools and teachers must have the funding and other resources they need to provide students with a first-rate education, which is why education has been, and will continue to be, his number one budget priority. Currently, nearly ⅔ of the state budget goes toward education. Working with the Utah Legislature, he has added $1.8 billion to the state education budget over the last 5 years—more than any other administration in Utah history.

Gov. Herbert is thankful for the many, wonderful teachers who positively impacted his life as well as the lives of his children and grandchildren. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!