Governor thanks Utah’s outstanding teachers

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Gov. Gary R. Herbert is enlisting Utah’s top teachers to help meet his new statewide goal to take education in Utah to the top.

At an event to honor 44 outstanding teachers Wednesday, Gov. Herbert talked about the goal he set 7 years ago, during one of the worst economic downturns in history, for Utah to become America’s top economy. He said Utahns responded by working together to lift Utah out of the Great Recession and make Utah’s economy the strongest in America.

“Just as I issued a challenge for Utah to become America’s No. 1 economy, I am here with a new challenge — for Utah to become No. 1 in education,” the governor told educators at the KSL and Zion Bank Teacher Feature gala.

Gov. Herbert said accomplishing the goal will take a great deal of effort and require everyone to work together. He also warned there would be naysayers who say the goal is too hard or can’t be done.

“But as I look at all the outstanding teachers in this room, I am confident we can — and we will — succeed. After all, doing what others say can’t be done is part of our cultural DNA in Utah. It’s what we do routinely,” he said.

Utah is already off to a good start. More than $1.8 billion of new money has been invested in education over the past 5 years, the largest such investment of any administration in the state’s history.

Herbert thanked teachers for their role in raising the bar of academic achievement in Utah.

“The future of our students and our state is in your hands, he said. “And I know that future is in good hands.”