Improving Financial and Economic Literacy in Utah Schools


Speaking to school teachers today, Gov. Gary R. Herbert praised a statewide effort to improve financial and economic literacy in Utah’s schools.

“How can we perpetuate the American Dream if this and future generations fail to understand the free market system which has enabled the United States to be the most prosperous nation on earth for the past 100 years?” Gov. Herbert asked.

Utah is the only state in the nation to earn an A-plus on its efforts to teach financial literacy in the schools, according to a 2015 report by Chaplain College. That’s a good start, but the governor believes the state can do even better.

Under Gov. Herbert’s direction, the state is working with the Council of Economic Education and Fidelity Investments, which are sponsoring the training sessions to help educators become even more effective in helping students become more financially and economically literate.

“By working together, I know we can ensure our students are economically and financially literate, and that Utah’s economy will continue to be America’s strongest and the envy of the nation,” the governor said.