Governor signs 47 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (Mar. 20, 2017) – Today Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 47 additional bills from the 2017 General Legislative Session, bringing the total number of signed bills to 183.

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0186S01 Local Government Official Residency Amendments Perry, L.
HB0018 Motor Vehicle Business Licensing Amendments Coleman, K.
HB0021 Uniform Powers of Appointment Act Snow, L.
*HB0031 Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Reauthorization Redd, E.
HB0032 Assessment Area Act Amendments Webb, C.
HB0034 Employment Security Act Sunset Extension Edwards, R.
HB0048 Wildlife Species Introduction Amendments Albrecht, C.
HB0059 Public Service Commission Amendments Christofferson, K.
HB0075S02 Common Ownership Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0084 Water Law – Nonuse Applications Hawkes, T.
HB0094S01 Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee Amendments Greene, B.
HB0095 Little Sahara State Park Designation Eliason, S.
HB0148 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules Greene, B.
HB0178 Good Landlord Amendments King, B.
HB0328 Service Area Board of Trustees Modifications Spendlove, R.
HB0389 Commerce Service Account Amendments Last, B.
HB0392 Air Quality Policy Advisory Board Hawkes, T.
HCR001S04 Concurrent Resolution to Secure the Perpetual Health and Vitality of Utah’s Public Lands and its Status as a Premier Public Lands State Stratton, K.
HCR016S01 Concurrent Resolution Declaring Mental Health Issues to Be a Public Health Crisis At Utah Higher Education Institutions Redd, E.
HCR021 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging NASA to Consider Tooele County for a Test Facility Sagers, D.
SB0021S01 Retirement Systems Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0027 Motor Vehicle Accident Cost Recovery Harper, W.
SB0035 Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0036 Department of Transportation Amendments Harper, W.
SB0040S01 School Bus Inspection Revisions Harper, W.
SB0062S01 Workers’ Compensation Coverage Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0069S02 Notification Requirements for Ballot Proposals Anderegg, J.
SB0089S01 Adoption Agency Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0090S01 Vehicle Inspection and Registration Amendments Anderegg, J.
SB0096 Unsecured Load Amendments Harper, W.
SB0098S02 Excess Damages Claims Iwamoto, J.
SB0126S01 Collection Process Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0129S03 Salvage Vehicle Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0133S01 Procurement Process Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0135S01 Maternal and Child Health Escamilla, L.
SB0147 Uniform Parentage Act Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0150S02 Local Government Bond Amendments Henderson, D.
SB0152S01 Municipal Mayoral Term Amendments Iwamoto, J.
SB0155 Alcohol Beverage Control Budget Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0182S02 Public Transportation Safety Oversight Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0188 Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0196 Health Education Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0213 Utah Substance Use and Mental Health Advisory Council Stevenson, J.
SB0248 Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Vickers, E.
SB0250S01 Food Truck Licensing and Regulation Henderson, D.
SB0264S02 Outdoor Recreation Grant Program Okerlund, R.
SB0272 Search and Rescue Assistance Card Program Amendments Hinkins, D.