Governor signs legislative bills

SALT LAKE CITY (Mar. 21, 2017) – Today Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 51 bills from the 2017 General Legislative Session, bringing the total number of signed bills to 234.

The governor signed the following bills:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0062 Educator Rights Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0100 Institutions of Higher Education Disclosure Requirements Coleman, K.
HB0110S01 Controlled Substance Amendments Ray, P.
HB0125 Student Residency Amendments Owens, D.
HB0129 Adult Protective Services Amendments Edwards, B.
HB0166S01 School and Institutional Trust Fund Amendments Moss, J.
HB0196S01 Division of Real Estate Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0209S01 Administration of Medication to Students Amendment McKell, M.
HB0235S02 Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety Devices McKell, M.
HB0245S01 School District Procurement Process Hall, C.
HB0251S01 Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments Romero, A.
HB0288S01 School Sunscreen Provision Hall, C.
HB0324S01 Local Budget Hearing Notice Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0430 Dishonored Instruments Amendments Snow, L.
SB0014S02 Emergency Telephone Service Amendments Harper, W.
SB0017S02 Tax Commission Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0066 Administrative Law Judge Amendments Dayton, M.
SB0073 Acupuncture Licensing Act Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0168S02 Career and College Readiness Mathematics Competency Revisions Stephenson, H.
SB0172 Barber Licensing Restriction Changes Weiler, T.
SB0184S01 Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Ipson, D.
SB0237 Servicemembers Custody and Visitation Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0253 Energy Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0258S01 Addiction Recovery Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0259 Certified Public Accountant Licensing Act Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0266 Division of Child and Family Services Appeals Henderson, D.
SB0268 Waste Amendments Knudson, P.
SB0274 Medicaid Dental Waiver Amendments Christensen, A.
SCR003 Concurrent Resolution Requesting the Department of Energy Adequately Fund the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project Hinkins, D.
SCR007 Concurrent Resolution Urging the Postmaster General to Issue a Commemorative Postage Stamp Iwamoto, J.
HB0044 Department of Financial Institutions Related Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0114S01 Local School Entity Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0142S04 Administration of Anesthesia Amendments Kennedy, M.
HB0143 Tax Advisory Board Amendments Gardiner, A.
HB0175 Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0193 Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code Wilson, B.
HB0234 Post-Exposure Blood Testing Amendments Redd, E.
HB0258 Veterans Tax Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0279 Impact Fee Amendments Brooks, W.
HB0358 Licensing Information System Amendments Albrecht, C.
HB0413S01 Public School Membership in Associations Gibson, F.
HB0459 Rural Health Services Account Amendments Webb, C.
SB0034 Competency-based Education Funding Millner, A.
SB0052 Rental Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0058S01 Uniform Voidable Transactions Act Hillyard, L.
SB0125 Authorization to Modify Charter School Charter Agreements Stephenson, H.
SB0161S01 Bullying and Hazing Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0180 Charter School Start-up Grants Stephenson, H.
SB0190S01 Education Computing Partnerships Okerlund, R.
SB0249S01 Tax E-filing Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0265 Distribution of Revenues Collected Under the Local Sales and Use Tax Act Hinkins, D.