Governor signs 66 bills

SALT LAKE CITY (Mar. 22, 2017) – Today Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 66 bills from the 2017 General Legislative Session, bringing the total number of signed bills to 300.

The governor signed the following bills:

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0117S02 Legal Notice Amendments Chew, S.
SB0091 Native American Child Welfare Amendments Van Tassell, K.
HB0217S03 Livestock Harassment Chew, S.
HB0042S01 Insurance Related Modifications Dunnigan, J.
HB0311 International Relations and Trade Commission Sunset Hutchings, E.
HB0343 Agricultural and Leadership Education Support Special Group License Plate Chew, S.
HB0425S01 Security Personnel Amendments Perry, L.
SB0065S02 Postal Facilities and Government Services Mayne, K.
SB0082 Library Technology Use Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0122 Wildland Fire Suppression Fund Amendments Vickers, E.
SB0123 State Developmental Center Dental Clinic Dayton, M.
SB0178S01 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0191S02 Oil and Gas Amendments Okerlund, R.
SB0195 Government Transparency Revisions Henderson, D.
SB0199S01 Able Act Revisions Weiler, T.
SB0224 Department of Workforce Services Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0243 Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act Hillyard, L.
SB0276S01 Transportation Funding Modifications Van Tassell, K.
SCR009 Concurrent Resolution Concerning the Oral Health Care of Utah’s At-risk Populations Knudson, P.
HB0012S01 Disposition of Ballots Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0050S02 Opioid Prescribing Regulations Ward, R.
HB0080 State Technology Governance Amendments Cutler, B. R.
HB0121S03 Local Food Advisory Council Handy, S.
HB0156S01 State Job Application Process Hollins, S.
HB0158 State House Boundary Amendments Peterson, J.
HB0183 Emissions Settlement Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0195S01 Dissolution of Local Districts Fawson, J.
HB0204S01 Presidential Primary Amendments Arent, P.
HB0218 Poll Location Amendments Hall, C.
HB0282 State Fair Park Board Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0319S01 Data Security Management Spendlove, R.
HB0320S01 Notaries Public Amendments Hutchings, E.
HB0359S03 Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund Amendments Hutchings, E.
HCR017 Concurrent Resolution Designating Autism after 21 Day Edwards, R.
HCR026 Concurrent Resolution Urging Restoration of Utah Lake McKell, M.
SB0128S03 Election Day Notification Amendments Iwamoto, J.
SB0156S03 Local Public Safety and Firefighter Surviving Spouse Trust Fund Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0212S01 Professional Licensing Amendments Harper, W.
SB0269S01 Elections Modifications Stephenson, H.
SB0275 Campaign Finance Reporting Amendments Hillyard, L.
SCR006S01 Concurrent Resolution on Guarding the Civil Liberties and Freedoms for All American People Shiozawa, B.
SCR008S01 Health Care Freedom Concurrent Resolution Hemmert, D.
HB0037S01 State Construction Code Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0152 Transportation Funding Revisions Sandall, S.
HB0154 Telehealth Amendments Ivory, K.
HB0167 Podiatric Physician Licensing Act Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0174 Firearm Records Protection Amendments Potter, V.
HB0194S01 Federal Grants Management Amendments Fawson, J.
HB0200 Sexual Assault Kit Processing Amendments Romero, A.
HB0219S02 Rural Tax Credit Amendments Sandall, S.
HB0240S02 Employability to Careers Program Schultz, M.
HB0267 Organ Donation Amendments Wheatley, M.
HB0272 Regulatory Impact Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0303 State Building Amendments Hemingway, L.
HB0355S02 Unified Commercial Development Amendments Gibson, F.
HB0405 Hydrogen Fuel Production Incentives Sagers, D.
HB0432 Local District Board Appointment Amendments Webb, C.
HCR010S01 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Identification and Support of Traumatic Childhood Experiences Survivors Redd, E.
SB0016 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Changes Bramble, C.
SB0024S01 Heavy Duty Tax Credit Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0031S01 Protection of Law Enforcement Officers’ Personal Information Ipson, D.
SB0132S02 Tax Provision Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0158 Pass-through Entity Withholding Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0171 Utah’s State Works of Art Designation Hinkins, D.
SB0260S01 Assignable Right of First Refusal Buxton, G.
SB0267S03 Utah Rural Jobs Act Okerlund, R.