Governor concludes 2017 bill signing period

SALT LAKE CITY (Mar. 30, 2017) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has concluded his review of bills from the 2017 General Legislative Session. The following list reflects the governor’s final actions on all legislation.

The governor signed the following bills (504 in total)

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0001S01 Higher Education Base Budget Grover, K.
HB0002 Public Education Budget Amendments McCay, D.
HB0003 Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Sanpei, D.
HB0004S01 Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget Webb, C.
HB0005S01 Retirement and Independent Entities Base Budget LaVar, C.
HB0006S01 Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget Froerer, G.
HB0007S01 National Guard, Veterans’ Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget Sanpei, D.
HB0008S01 State Agency & Higher Education Compensation Appropriations Last, B.
HB0012S01 Disposition of Ballots Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0013S01 Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act Snow, L.
HB0015 Alimony Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0016 Voting Revisions Daw, B.
HB0017 Offenses Against the Person Amendments Snow, L.
HB0018 Motor Vehicle Business Licensing Amendments Coleman, K.
HB0021 Uniform Powers of Appointment Act Snow, L.
HB0023S01 Income Tax Credit Modifications Peterson, J.
HB0024S01 Student Prosperity Savings Program – Tax Amendments Peterson, J.
HB0025S02 Tax Incentive Review Amendments McCay, D.
HB0026 Revenue and Taxation Modifications McCay, D.
HB0027 Interstate Compact on Military Children Amendments Winder, M.
HB0028 Public Employees Long-term Disability Act Amendments Duckworth, S.
HB0030S01 Historic Preservation Amendments Webb, C.
HB0031 Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Reauthorization Redd, E.
HB0032 Assessment Area Act Amendments Webb, C.
HB0033 Mercury Switch Removal Act Reauthorization Perry, L.
HB0034 Employment Security Act Sunset Extension Edwards, R.
HB0035 Minimum School Program Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0036S02 Affordable Housing Amendments Edwards, R.
HB0037S01 State Construction Code Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0038 Statutory Required Reports Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0039 Local Officer Amendments Webb, R. C.
HB0040 Check Cashing and Deferred Deposit Lending Amendments Daw, B.
HB0041 Utah Revised Business Corporation Act Modifications Peterson, V.
HB0042S01 Insurance Related Modifications Dunnigan, J.
HB0043 American Indian and Alaskan Native Education Amendments Noel, M.
HB0044 Department of Financial Institutions Related Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0046 Pass-through Entity Tax Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0047S01 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Amendments Briscoe, J.
HB0048 Wildlife Species Introduction Amendments Albrecht, C.
HB0050S02 Opioid Prescribing Regulations Ward, R.
HB0051 Off-Highway Vehicle Amendments Owens, D.
HB0052 Political Contribution Reporting Amendments Daw, B.
HB0053 Missing and Exploited Children’s Day Handy, S.
HB0054 Campus Free Speech Amendments Coleman, K.
HB0055S02 Governmental Nonprofit Entity Compliance Amendments Coleman, K.
HB0056S03 Accessible Parking Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0058 Direct Food Sales Amendments Sandall
HB0059 Public Service Commission Amendments Christofferson, K.
HB0060 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Amendments Thurston, N.
HB0061 Pharmacy Service for Discharged Hospital Patients Redd, E.
HB0062 Educator Rights Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0063 Hole in the Rock State Park Stratton, K.
HB0064 Property Tax Relief Amendments Peterson, J.
HB0065 Air Conservation Act Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0066S01 Opiate Overdose Response Act Amendments Moss, C.
HB0067 Wildlife Amendments McKell, M.
HB0068 Crime Victims Reparation Board Sunset Extension Christensen, L.
HB0069 Capital Facilities Revisions Edwards, R.
HB0070 Common Area Assessment Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0075S02 Common Ownership Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0077 Fifth District Court Judge Snow, V. L.
HB0080 State Technology Governance Amendments Cutler, B. R.
HB0082S01 Street-legal All-terrain Vehicle Amendments Noel, M.
HB0083S02 Rental Application Disclosure Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0084 Water Law – Nonuse Applications Hawkes, T.
HB0085 Quality Growth Commission Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0086 Inactive Voter Amendments Hall, C.
HB0089 Impact Fee Reporting Requirements Knotwell, J.
HB0090S02 Insurance Opioid Regulation Ward, R.
HB0091S02 County Commission Election Amendments Thurston, N.
HB0092 Physical Restraint in Schools Moss, C.
HB0094S01 Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee Amendments Greene, B.
HB0095 Little Sahara State Park Designation Eliason, S.
HB0096 Petroleum Vapor Recovery Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0098 Department of Administrative Services Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0099S01 Bigamy Offense Amendments Noel, M.
HB0100 Institutions of Higher Education Disclosure Requirements Coleman, K.
HB0101S02 Adoptive Studies and Evaluations Amendments Redd, E.
HB0104 Motor Vehicle Emission Wilde, L.
HB0105S01 Early Voting Amendments Hall, C.
HB0106 Utah Uniform Securities Act Amendments Hall, C.
HB0109S02 Public Utility Regulatory Restricted Account Amendments Pitcher, D.
HB0110S01 Controlled Substance Amendments Ray, P.
HB0113S01 Nursing Care Facility Amendments Gibson, F.
HB0114S01 Local School Entity Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0115S05 Solid Waste Revisions McKell, M.
HB0117S02 Legal Notice Amendments Chew, S.
HB0118 Authority of State Engineer Hawkes, T.
HB0119S01 School Board Midterm Replacement Process Pulsipher, S.
HB0121S03 Local Food Advisory Council Handy, S.
HB0123S03 Juvenile Offenses Amendments Roberts, M.
HB0124S02 Assault on a Peace Officer Amendments Maloy, A.C.
HB0125 Student Residency Amendments Owens, D.
HB0126 Student Plan for College and Career Readiness Revisions Winder, M.
HB0128S08 Health Care Debt Collection Amendments Webb, R. C.
HB0129 Adult Protective Services Amendments Edwards, B.
HB0130S02 Cannabinoid Research Daw, B.
HB0133 Candidate Filing Requirements Moss, C.
HB0135 Deposit of Public Funds Gardiner, A.
HB0138 Public Safety Amendments Redd, E.
HB0139S01 Criminal Intent Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0141S02 Unborn Child Protection Amendments Stratton, K.
HB0142S04 Administration of Anesthesia Amendments Kennedy, M.
HB0143 Tax Advisory Board Amendments Gardiner, A.
HB0145S01 Foster Children Visitation Amendments Ivory, K.
HB0146S01 Partial Filling of a Schedule II Controlled Substance Prescription Barlow, S.
HB0148 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules Greene, B.
HB0149S02 Child Abuse Offender Registry Owens, D.
HB0150 Custody Amendments Related to Parents with Disabilities Arent, P.
HB0152 Transportation Funding Revisions Sandall, S.
HB0154 Telehealth Amendments Ivory, K.
HB0155S01 Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions Thurston, N.
HB0156S01 State Job Application Process Hollins, S.
HB0157S03 Homeowners Association Revisions Knotwell, J.
HB0158 State House Boundary Amendments Peterson, J.
HB0160 Campaign Contribution Solicitation Amendments Arent, P.
HB0161 Pedestrian Safety Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0162S02 Driving Under the Influence Classification and Sentencing Revisions Eliason, S.
HB0163S01 Municipality per Diem Amendments Hall, C.
HB0164S01 Municipal Enterprise Fund Amendments Moss, J.
HB0165 Higher Education Retirement Amendments Westwood, J.
HB0166S01 School and Institutional Trust Fund Amendments Moss, J.
HB0167 Podiatric Physician Licensing Act Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0168S02 Kindergarten Supplemental Enrichment Program Snow, V. L.
HB0170 Small Claims Amendments Kwan, K.
HB0172 Utah Educational Savings Plan Medicaid Exemptions Cutler, B. R.
HB0174 Firearm Records Protection Amendments Potter, V.
HB0175 Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments Eliason, S.
HB0178 Good Landlord Amendments King, B.
HB0180S02 Water Rights Transfer Amendments Wilde, L.
HB0181 State Engineer Fee Application Amendments Wilde, L.
HB0182 Labeling Requirements for Types of Retail Goods Edwards, R.
HB0183 Emissions Settlement Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0184 Contraband Device Destruction Fawson, J.
HB0185 Office of Licensing Amendments Sanpei, D.
HB0186S01 Local Government Official Residency Amendments Perry, L.
HB0188 Local Historic District Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0190 Telecommunications Advisory Council Repeal Handy, S.
HB0191S01 Judiciary Related Amendments Snow, V. L.
HB0192 Minuteman Highway Designation Thurston, N.
HB0193 Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code Wilson, B.
HB0194S01 Federal Grants Management Amendments Fawson, J.
HB0195S01 Dissolution of Local Districts Fawson, J.
HB0196S01 Division of Real Estate Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0197S01 Custody and Adoption Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0198 Concealed Carry Amendments Lisonbee, K.
HB0199 High Needs Children Adoption Amendments Nelson, M.
HB0200 Sexual Assault Kit Processing Amendments Romero, A.
HB0201 Condominium and Community Association Amendments Moss, C.
HB0202S01 Trespass Amendments Greene, B.
HB0204S01 Presidential Primary Amendments Arent, P.
HB0206S01 Domestic Violence — Weapons Restrictions King, B.
HB0208S01 Jail Release Orders Amendments Ivory, K.
HB0209S01 Administration of Medication to Students Amendment McKell, M.
HB0210 Flashing Brake Light Revisions Handy, S.
HB0211 State Work of Art Edwards, R.
HB0212S03 Incentive for Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Winder, M.
HB0214 Probate Code Amendments Miles, K.
HB0217S03 Livestock Harassment Chew, S.
HB0218 Poll Location Amendments Hall, C.
HB0219S02 Rural Tax Credit Amendments Sandall, S.
HB0222S02 Criminal Offenses Modifications Handy, S.
HB0227 Emergency Medical Service System Amendments Gardiner, A.
HB0229S01 Amendments Relating to Local Districts McCay, D.
HB0230S02 Elections Revisions Daw, B.
HB0231 Educator Evaluation Amendments Moss, J.
HB0232 Land Use Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0234 Post-Exposure Blood Testing Amendments Redd, E.
HB0235S02 Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety Devices McKell, M.
HB0236S03 Mobile Home Park Residents’ Rights Cutler, B. R.
HB0238S01 Payment of Wages Act Amendments Hawkes, T.
HB0239S03 Juvenile Justice Amendments Snow, V. L.
HB0240S02 Employability to Careers Program Schultz, M.
HB0243S02 Common Area Land Use Amendments Webb, R. C.
HB0244 General Fund Budget Reserve Account Amendments Ivory, K.
HB0245S01 School District Procurement Process Hall, C.
HB0246 System of Care Development Edwards, R.
HB0248S01 Domestic Violence Related Amendments Christensen, L.
HB0249S01 Higher Education Financial Literacy Amendments Spendlove, R.
HB0250S02 Driving Under the Influence Program Amendments Fawson, J.
HB0251S01 Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments Romero, A.
HB0252S02 Disposal of Firearms Daw, B.
HB0253S02 Short-term Rental Amendments Knotwell, J.
HB0255S02 Initiative Amendments McCay, D.
HB0258 Veterans Tax Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0261S01 Local Emergency Response Amendments Sagers, D.
HB0262 Dental Licensing Amendments Poulson, M.
HB0265S03 Safety Inspection Amendments McCay, D.
HB0267 Organ Donation Amendments Wheatley, M.
HB0268S02 Money Management Act Amendments Knotwell, J.
HB0272 Regulatory Impact Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0273S01 Construction Trades Licensing Penalty Periods Amendments Ray, P.
HB0274S04 Human Trafficking Modifications Romero, A.
HB0278S01 Expenses of Minor Children Amendments Chavez-Houck, R.
HB0279 Impact Fee Amendments Brooks, W.
HB0280 Agriculture Regulation Preemption Amendments Handy, S.
HB0281S01 Construction and Fire Codes Amendments Ray, P.
HB0282 State Fair Park Board Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0283S01 Child Homelessness Prevention Spendlove, R.
HB0286S02 Essential Treatment and Intervention Act Christensen, L.
HB0287 Cosmetology Licensing Act Amendments Dunnigan, J.
HB0288S01 School Sunscreen Provision Hall, C.
HB0292 Charter School Admission Amendments Fawson
HB0293S02 Mountainous Planning District Amendments Schultz, M.
HB0296 Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Account Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0297S01 Renewable Energy Amendments Handy, S.
HB0301S01 Canal Safety Amendments Sandall, S.
HB0303 State Building Amendments Hemingway, L.
HB0308S02 Public Health and Schools Thurston, N.
HB0311 International Relations and Trade Commission Sunset Hutchings, E.
HB0313S02 Licensure Changes Schultz, M.
HB0315S01 Aquaculture Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0319S01 Data Security Management Spendlove, R.
HB0320S01 Notaries Public Amendments Hutchings, E.
HB0324S01 Local Budget Hearing Notice Amendments Cutler, B.
HB0328 Service Area Board of Trustees Modifications Spendlove, R.
HB0336 Health Reform Amendments Dunnigan, J.
HB0343 Agricultural and Leadership Education Support Special Group License Plate Chew, S.
HB0344S01 Utah Agriculture Code Amendments Perry, L.
HB0345 Telehealth Pilot Project Edwards, R.
HB0346S01 Suicide Prevention Programs Eliason, S.
HB0354 Digital Piracy Amendments Gardiner, A.
HB0355S02 Unified Commercial Development Amendments Gibson, F.
HB0358 Licensing Information System Amendments Albrecht, C.
HB0359S03 Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund Amendments Hutchings, E.
HB0369S04 Criminal Penalty Enhancements for Sexual Offenses Fawson, J.
HB0376 Landlord-tenant Rights Dunnigan, J.
HB0379 Classification of Theft Amendments King, B.
HB0380S01 Sex Offender Registry Amendments Hall, C.
HB0381 Law Enforcement Body Camera Footage Amendments Ray, P.
HB0386 Attorney General Amendments Hutchings, E.
HB0389 Commerce Service Account Amendments Last, B.
HB0390S01 Suicide Prevention Modifications Eliason, S.
HB0391S01 Driver License Revisions Quinn, T.
HB0392 Air Quality Policy Advisory Board Hawkes, T.
HB0393S01 Vehicle Towing Amendments Maloy, A.C.
HB0394S01 Native American Remains Repatriation Noel, M.
HB0396S01 Medical School Graduates Associate Physician Licensure Barlow, S.
HB0398S02 Procurement Code Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0399 Governmental Immunity Amendments Snow, V. L.
HB0400S02 Pilot Program to Study Coverage Parity for Amino Acid-based Formula Redd, E.
HB0404S01 Early Warning Pilot Program Peterson, V.
HB0405 Hydrogen Fuel Production Incentives Sagers, D.
HB0407S03 Utah Public Land Management Act Amendments Noel, M.
HB0413S01 Public School Membership in Associations Gibson, F.
HB0414 Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Referral Amendments Owens, D.
HB0415S01 Incorporation Filing Amendments Westwood, J.
HB0416 Targeted Business Income Tax Credit Revisions Edwards, R.
HB0425S01 Security Personnel Amendments Perry, L.
HB0426S01 Stem Amendments Peterson, V.
HB0429 County Fund Amendments Hemingway, L.
HB0430 Dishonored Instruments Amendments Snow, L.
HB0431S03 Government Employees Reimbursement Amendments Quinn, T.
HB0432 Local District Board Appointment Amendments Webb, C.
HB0433S02 Penalty for Targeting Law Enforcement Officer Ray, P.
HB0435 Health Care Patient Privacy Amendments Gibson, F.
HB0441 Housing and Homeless Reform Initiative Amendments Gibson, F.
HB0442S03 Alcohol Amendments Wilson, B.
HB0448 Community Reinvestment Amendments Peterson, J.
HB0453S02 Airport Board Revisions Coleman, K.
HB0459 Rural Health Services Account Amendments Webb, C.
HB0460 Capitol Development Projects Bonding Amendments Froerer, G.
HB0461 Jail Contracting Amendments Noel, M.
HCR001S04 Concurrent Resolution to Secure the Perpetual Health and Vitality of Utah’s Public Lands and its Status as a Premier Public Lands State Stratton, K.
HCR002 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the United States and Utah’s Participation in World War I Handy, S.
HCR003 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing and Remembering the Forgotten Patients of the Utah State Hospital Redd, E.
HCR004 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 50 Years of Public Television Snow, L.
HCR005S01 Concurrent Resolution on Clean Fuel School Buses Handy, S.
HCR006S01 Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Re-empowerment of the States Amendment Nelson, M.
HCR007S01 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Ranchers Grazing Livestock on Public Lands Westwood, J.
HCR008 Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Volkswagen Settlement Hawkes, T.
HCR010S01 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Identification and Support of Traumatic Childhood Experiences Survivors Redd, E.
HCR011 Concurrent Resolution Urging the President of the United States to Recind the Bears Ears National Monument Hughes, G.
HCR012 Concurrent Resolution Urging Federal Legislation to Reduce or Modify the Boundaries of the Grand Staircase-escalante National Monument Noel, M.
HCR013S01 Concurrent Resolution for Public Employees’ Benefit and Insurance Program Dunnigan, J.
HCR014 Concurrent Resolution on Wildfire Issues Perry, L.
HCR015 Concurrent Resolution on Sustainable Management of Utah’s Water Quality Hawkes, T.
HCR016S01 Concurrent Resolution Declaring Mental Health Issues to Be a Public Health Crisis At Utah Higher Education Institutions Redd, E.
HCR017 Concurrent Resolution Designating Autism after 21 Day Edwards, R.
HCR018 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utahns to Consider the Smog Rating When Purchasing a Vehicle Arent, P.
HCR020 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Those Who Served and Sacrificed During the Cold War Greene, B.
HCR021 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging NASA to Consider Tooele County for a Test Facility Sagers, D.
HCR026 Concurrent Resolution Urging Restoration of Utah Lake McKell, M.
SB0001S01 Public Education Base Budget Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0002 New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act Stevenson, J.
SB0003 Appropriations Adjustments *with line item vetoes* Stevenson, J.
SB0005S01 Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Base Budget Hinkins, D.
SB0006S01 Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget Thatcher, D.
SB0007S01 Social Services Base Budget Christensen, A.
SB0008S01 State Agency Fees & Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization & Approprations Van Tassell, K.
SB0009 Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments Harper, W.
SB0010 Veterans’ and Military Affairs Commission Amendments Knudson, P.
SB0012S01 Expungement Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0013 Amendments to Election Law Dayton, M.
SB0014S02 Emergency Telephone Service Amendments Harper, W.
SB0015 Agriculture Protection Area and Industrial Protection Area Amendments Dayton, M.
SB0016 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Changes Bramble, C.
SB0017S02 Tax Commission Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0018 Firefighters’ Disability Retirement Benefit Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0019 Retirement Systems Payments to Survivors Amendments Dayton
SB0020 Phased Retirement Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0021S01 Retirement Systems Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0022S01 Utah Commission on Aging Sunset Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0024S01 Heavy Duty Tax Credit Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0025 Motor Carrier Amendments Van Tassell
SB0026 Transportation Divisions and Structure Amendments Harper, W.
SB0027 Motor Vehicle Accident Cost Recovery Harper, W.
SB0028 Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports Vickers, E.
SB0031S01 Protection of Law Enforcement Officers’ Personal Information Ipson, D.
SB0033S01 Consumer Protection Revisions Bramble, C.
SB0034 Competency-based Education Funding Millner, A.
SB0035 Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0036 Department of Transportation Amendments Harper, W.
SB0037 Statewide Crisis Line Thatcher, D.
SB0038 Specialized License Plate Amendments Harper, W.
SB0039 Road Classification Amendments Harper, W.
SB0040S01 School Bus Inspection Revisions Harper, W.
SB0041S01 State Highway System Amendments Harper, W.
SB0042 DUI Impound Fee Refund Amendments Harper, W.
SB0044S01 Dental Insurance Amendments Christensen, A.
SB0045 Retail Water Line Disclosure Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0048 Nurse Licensure Compact Vickers, E.
SB0050S04 Automobile Insurance Registry Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0052 Rental Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0053 LIS Pendens Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0054S02 Adoption Revisions Weiler, T.
SB0055 Insurance and Service Contract Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0057 Workers’ Compensation Related Premium Assessments Mayne, K.
SB0058S01 Uniform Voidable Transactions Act Hillyard, L.
SB0061S03 Students with Disabilities Accommodations Funding Davis, G.
SB0062S01 Workers’ Compensation Coverage Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0063S01 Nonprofit Corporation Amendments – Water Companies Dayton, M.
SB0064S01 Student Scholarship Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0065S02 Postal Facilities and Government Services Mayne, K.
SB0066 Administrative Law Judge Amendments Dayton, M.
SB0067 Hunting Mentor Program Christensen, A.
SB0069S02 Notification Requirements for Ballot Proposals Anderegg, J.
SB0070 Asset Forfeiture Transparency Amendments Stephenson, H.
SB0071S01 Criminal Accounts Receivable Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0073 Acupuncture Licensing Act Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0074S02 Medical Interpreter Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0075S01 Child Welfare Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0076S01 Post-conviction DNA Testing Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0079S01 Waste Management Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0081 Local Government Licensing Amendments Anderegg, J.
SB0082 Library Technology Use Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0085 Amendments to Child Welfare Harper, W.
SB0087S04 Civil Asset Forfeiture Revisions Thatcher, D.
SB0088 Medicaid Housing Coordinator Iwamoto, J.
SB0089S01 Adoption Agency Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0090S01 Vehicle Inspection and Registration Amendments Anderegg, J.
SB0091 Native American Child Welfare Amendments Van Tassell, K.
SB0092 Workers’ Compensation Fund Revisions Bramble, C.
SB0093S01 Property Assessment Notice Amendments Harper, W.
SB0094S01 Local District Revisions Fillmore, L.
SB0095S01 Air Ambulance Amendments Harper, W.
SB0096 Unsecured Load Amendments Harper, W.
SB0097S01 Public Meeting Minutes Amendments Van Tassell, K.
SB0098S02 Excess Damages Claims Iwamoto, J.
SB0099 Consumer Protection Action Amendments Hemmert, D.
SB0100S01 Early Childhood Services Coordination Amendments Millner, A.
SB0102 Utah Student Privacy Act Mayne, K.
SB0104 Labor Commission Enforcement Amendments Buxton, G.
SB0106 Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact Shiozawa, B.
SB0108 Emergency Administration of Epinephrine Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0111S03 Unmanned Aircraft Amendments Harper, W.
SB0112S01 Special Group License Plate Repeal Christensen
SB0113S01 Natural Resources Modifications Dayton, M.
SB0116S01 Polling Location Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0117S04 Higher Education Performance Funding Millner, A.
SB0118S01 Criminal Law Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0119 Sales and Use Tax Changes Harper, W.
SB0120 Workers’ Compensation Dependent Benefits Mayne, K.
SB0121 Adoption Act Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0122 Wildland Fire Suppression Fund Amendments Vickers, E.
SB0123 State Developmental Center Dental Clinic Dayton, M.
SB0124S01 Child Care Licensing Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0125 Authorization to Modify Charter School Charter Agreements Stephenson, H.
SB0126S01 Collection Process Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0127 State Board of Education Amendments Millner, A.
SB0128S03 Election Day Notification Amendments Iwamoto, J.
SB0129S03 Salvage Vehicle Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0130S05 Universal Service Fund Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0132S02 Tax Provision Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0133S01 Procurement Process Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0134S01 Indigent Defense Commission Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0135S01 Maternal and Child Health Escamilla, L.
SB0137S01 State Auditor Fiscal Auditing and Reporting Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0138S02 Metro Township Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0140 Annexation of Islands Within Cities Buxton, G.
SB0143S01 Local District Board Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0145S01 Nail Salon Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0147 Uniform Parentage Act Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0150S02 Local Government Bond Amendments Henderson, D.
SB0152S01 Municipal Mayoral Term Amendments Iwamoto, J.
SB0153 Child Support Income Calculation Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0154S03 Solar Access Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0155 Alcohol Beverage Control Budget Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0156S03 Local Public Safety and Firefighter Surviving Spouse Trust Fund Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0157S02 Changes to Property Tax Bramble, C.
SB0158 Pass-through Entity Withholding Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0159 Helmet Requirement Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0160 Homeless Youth Health Care Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0161S01 Bullying and Hazing Amendments Escamilla, L.
SB0162 Physician Assistant Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0163S02 Student Information Amendments Anderegg, J.
SB0164 Utah First Economic Development Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0165S01 Reimbursements for Public Safety Officers Mayne, K.
SB0166 Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments Henderson, D.
SB0167 Bail Amendments Adams, S.
SB0168S02 Career and College Readiness Mathematics Competency Revisions Stephenson, H.
SB0169 Judiciary Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0170 Workers’ Compensation Workgroup Mayne, K.
SB0171 Utah’s State Works of Art Designation Hinkins, D.
SB0172 Barber Licensing Restriction Changes Weiler, T.
SB0174S03 Public Transit and Transportation Governance Amendments Harper, W.
SB0175S01 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act Hillyard, L.
SB0177 Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Awareness Day Hinkins, D.
SB0178S01 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments Stevenson, J.
SB0179 Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week Adams, S.
SB0180 Charter School Start-up Grants Stephenson, H.
SB0181S01 High Priority Transportation Corridors Amendments Harper, W.
SB0182S02 Public Transportation Safety Oversight Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0183 High Load Motor Vehicles Harper, W.
SB0184S01 Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Ipson, D.
SB0185S01 Cause of Action for Minors Injured by Pornography Weiler, T.
SB0186 Education Reporting Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0187S01 Construction Trade Amendments Buxton, D. G.
SB0188 Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0190S01 Education Computing Partnerships Okerlund, R.
SB0191S02 Oil and Gas Amendments Okerlund, R.
SB0192 Boat Registration Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0193S01 Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Modifications Weiler, T.
SB0194S05 Utah Data Research Center Act Anderegg, J.
SB0195 Government Transparency Revisions Henderson, D.
SB0196 Health Education Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0197S03 Refinery Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0198S03 Utah Communications Authority Amendments Harper, W.
SB0199S01 Able Act Revisions Weiler, T.
SB0202 Parent-time Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0203 Real Estate Trustee Amendments Davis, G.
SB0204 Public-Private Partnerships Okerlund, R.
SB0208 Utah Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act Hillyard, L.
SB0209 Budgeting Revisions Fillmore, L.
SB0212S01 Professional Licensing Amendments Harper, W.
SB0213 Utah Substance Use and Mental Health Advisory Council Stevenson, J.
SB0215 Master Offense List Thatcher, D.
SB0219 Pharmaceutical Product Amendments Shiozawa, B.
SB0220S01 Student Assessment and School Accountability Amendments Millner, A.
SB0222 Equitable Allocation of Public Transit District Funding Mayne, K.
SB0224 Department of Workforce Services Amendments Fillmore, L.
SB0225 Judgment Interest Rate Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0226 Permanent Criminal Stalking Injunction Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0227 Doxing Prohibition Amendments Stephenson, H.
SB0230 Solicitation Amendments Weiler, T.
SB0231 Business Entities Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0232 Cyber Exploitation Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0234S01 School Turnaround Amendments Millner, A.
SB0235 Assault and Threat of Violence Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0237 Servicemembers Custody and Visitation Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0238S01 Higher Education Governance Revisions Millner, A.
SB0239 Interfering with a Peace Officer Weiler, T.
SB0241S02 Local Government Plan Review Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0242S01 Government Records Access and Management Act Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0243 Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act Hillyard, L.
SB0245 Second Amendment Special License Plates Stephenson, H.
SB0246S01 Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments Vickers, E.
SB0247 Modifications to Distribution of Local Sales Tax Revenues Okerlund, R.
SB0248 Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Vickers, E.
SB0249S01 Tax E-filing Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0250S01 Food Truck Licensing and Regulation Henderson, D.
SB0251 Local Government Criminal Penalty Amendments Thatcher, D.
SB0253 Energy Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0256 Regents’ Scholarship Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0257 Case Status Updates Weiler, T.
SB0258S01 Addiction Recovery Amendments Mayne, K.
SB0259 Certified Public Accountant Licensing Act Amendments Bramble, C.
SB0260S01 Assignable Right of First Refusal Buxton, G.
SB0261S01 Substance Use Disorder Programs Mayne, K.
SB0262 Upstart Amendments Adams, J. S.
SB0263S02 Work-based Learning Amendments Stephenson, H.
SB0264S02 Outdoor Recreation Grant Program Okerlund, R.
SB0265 Distribution of Revenues Collected Under the Local Sales and Use Tax Act Hinkins, D.
SB0266 Division of Child and Family Services Appeals Henderson, D.
SB0267S03 Utah Rural Jobs Act Okerlund, R.
SB0268 Waste Amendments Knudson, P.
SB0269S01 Elections Modifications Stephenson, H.
SB0272 Search and Rescue Assistance Card Program Amendments Hinkins, D.
SB0273 Energy Development Amendments Adams, S.
SB0274 Medicaid Dental Waiver Amendments Christensen, A.
SB0275 Campaign Finance Reporting Amendments Hillyard, L.
SB0276S01 Transportation Funding Modifications Van Tassell, K.
SB0277S01 Highway General Obligation Bonds Authorization Harper, W.
SB0279 Alcohol Modifications Stevenson, J.
SCR001 Concurrent Resolution on Increasing Pay for Certain Public Safety Officers and Firefighters Weiler, T.
SCR002 Concurrent Resolution on Air Ambulance Providers Harper, W.
SCR003 Concurrent Resolution Requesting the Department of Energy Adequately Fund the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project Hinkins, D.
SCR004 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Colonel Gail Seymour Halvorsen Henderson, D.
SCR005 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Snow Removal Crews Throughout Utah Okerlund, R.
SCR006S01 Concurrent Resolution on Guarding the Civil Liberties and Freedoms for All American People Shiozawa, B.
SCR007 Concurrent Resolution Urging the Postmaster General to Issue a Commemorative Postage Stamp Iwamoto, J.
SCR008S01 Health Care Freedom Concurrent Resolution Hemmert, D.
SCR009 Concurrent Resolution Concerning the Oral Health Care of Utah’s At-risk Populations Knudson, P.
SCR010 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 150th Anniversary of the First Transcontinental Railroad Knudson, P.

The following bills will become law without the governor’s signature (6 in total):

The governor vetoed the following bill (letter here):

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
HB0136 Board of Education Revisions Kennedy, M.
HB0446 Sentencing Guidelines Amendments Ivory, K.
SB0032 Child Welfare Auditing Amendments Davis, G.
SB0214S01 Public Water Supplier Amendments Iwamoto, J.
SB0011S02 Water Development Commission Amendments Dayton, M.
SB0109S06 Small Employer Retirement Program Weiler, T.
HB0011S02 State Boards and Commissions Amendments Thurston, N.

The governor signed the following bill with line-item vetoes (letter here):

Bill Number Bill Name Bill Sponsor
SB0003 Appropriations Adjustments Stevenson, J.

Additionally, 24 joint resolutions were passed by the legislature which do not require the governor’s signature.