Gov. Herbert proposes appointments to three commissions

October 14, 2019

Dear President Adams and Members of the Senate:

In accordance with Utah Code §§ 67-1-1 and 67-1-2, I propose and transmit the following appointments:

Political Subdivisions Ethics Review Commission:

Sheila K. McCleave is appointed to replace Glenn Iwasaki as a member of the Political Subdivisions Ethics Review Commission, a term to expire March 1, 2023.  See Utah Code § 63A-15-201.

Health Facility Committee:

Abraham Lindman is appointed to replace Jim Sheets as a member of the Health Facility Committee, a term to expire July 1, 2023. See Utah Code § 26-21-3.

Quality Growth Commission:

Gregory Todd is reappointed as a member of the Quality Growth Commission, a term to expire September 30, 2023. See Utah Code § 11-38-201

Thank you for your timely consideration and confirmation of the above appointments.  


Gary R. Herbert