Gov. Herbert Welcomes Tier 3 Gasoline to Utah

Today Gov. Gary Herbert joined Marathon Petroleum Corporation and its Speedway gas stations in celebrating Marathon’s Utah Refinery’s recent conversion toTier 3 fuel production. 

26 Speedway gas stations across Utah will begin selling Tier 3 gas on January 1. 

With this multi-million dollar investment and conversion, Marathon is leading the way on critical investments to improve Utah’s air quality. A few years ago, during a board meeting with the refinery board and leadership, Gov. Herbert had the opportunity to discuss his vision for improving Utah air and the production of Tier 3 fuels. 

They came together and committed to finding a path forward to produce this cleaner, lower emitting fuel source here in Utah. With one mutual vision the supports of the legislature and the Governor’s Office of Energy Development led by Energy Advisor, Dr. Laura Nelson, they created a pathway to realize this important forward for cleaner air.  

Tier 3 fuels will bring significant air quality benefits to Utah:

  • When Tier 3 gas is burned in a Tier 3 car (2017 and newer) the result is an 80% reduction in emissions, that is like taking 4/5 cars off Utah’s roads. 
  • When burned in a pre-Tier 3 car (Tier 2 or older) there is a 12-15% reduction in emissions.
  • The lower amount of sulfur in the gas helps the catalytic converters work as designed, so these cars run cleaner for longer periods of time. 

Growing our Tier 3 fuel production and use will play a major role in

improving Utah’s air quality.

“We can’t stop here though. Cleaner air is everyone’s responsibility, and we must be willing to do our part to create lasting results,” Gov. Herbert said. “The future is up to all of us, and I know all Utahns are up to delivering the best outcomes for our environmental and our economy today and for future generations.”

In addition to working to bring Tier 3 fuels to Utah’s market, The State of Utah is leading by example to help improve our air quality by encouraging state employees to utilize public transit and telework when appropriate. 

Every Utahn can take steps to reduce emissions and improve our airshed by choosing to carpool, use public transit, go idle free, reduce unnecessary trips, or buy a low or no emission vehicle when purchasing a new car. 

Starting January 1, 2020, Utahns will be able to purchase Tier 3 gasoline at Speedway locations across the state of Utah. The governor is hopeful more companies will begin selling Tier 3 gas in Utah soon.