Governor Signs 148 Bills

State of the State 2018

SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2020) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 148 bills today. This brings the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2020 General Legislative Session so far to 167. Information on these bills can be found below.

HB11 Blood Alcohol Limit Amendments, Dunnigan, J.  
HB14School Absenteeism and Truancy Amendments, Snow, L. 
HB16 School Meals Program Amendments, Johnson, D.
HB18 Children’s Hearing Aid Program Amendments, Daw, B.
HB19  Election and Campaign Amendments, Hawkins, J.
HB20Public Service Commission Hearing Amendments, Christofferson, K.
HB22Utah Retirement Systems Amendments, Hall, C.
HB24Health Care Professional Licensing Amendments, Daw, B. 
HB25Controlled Substances Revisions, Ray, P.
HB27Waste Tire Recycling Act Amendments, Chew, S. 
HB28Legislative Water Development Commission Sunset Amendments, Stratton, K.
HB30Workforce Services Amendments, Pierucci, C. 
HB31 Local Government and Limited Purpose Entity Registry Amendment, Handy, S.
HB36Election Amendments, Harrison, S.
HB37Insurance Amendments, Dunnigan, J. 
HB39Agricultural Water Optimization Task Force Amendments, Snider, C.
HB42 Heritage and Arts Amendments, Pierucci, C.
HB43Peace Officer Standards and Training Amendments Perry, L. 
HB44Fort Douglas Military Museum Amendments, Ray, P.
HB45 Veterans Education Amendments, Ray, P.
HB48Acquisition Cost Definition, Spendlove, R.
HB49Sales Tax on Motor Vehicles, Thurston, N.
HB50 Tax Exemption for Construction or Unoccupied Property, Sagers, D.
HB51Property Assessment Procedure Amendments, Eliason, S.
HB53Tangible Personal Property Tax Revisions, Lisonbee, K.
HB54Building Construction Amendments, Snider, C.
HB56Fuel Sales Tax Amendments, Shipp, R..
HB57Towing Signage Revisions, Maloy, A..
HB60Corporate Income Tax Credit Amendments, Barlow, S.
HB61Amendments to County Form of Government, Wilde, L.
HB64Custody and Visitation Rights Amendments, Andersen, K.
HB70Repeal of Single-mark Straight Ticket Voting, Arent, P.
HB79Parent-time Amendments, Pulsipher, S.
HB80School Fees Data Collection, Robertson, A.
HB81 Judicial Retention for Justice Court Judges, Snow, L.
HB82Governmental Immunity Modifications, Brammer, B.
HB83Expungement Amendments, Stoddard, A.
HB84Traffic Code Amendments, Hall, C.
HB87Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Amendments, Ward, R.
HB92 Fire Amendments, Snider, C.
HB94 Water Applications Amendments, Hawkes, T.
HB95 General Adjudication Water Amendments, Snider, C.
HB96Water Forfeiture Amendments, Ferry, J.
HB98Offenses Against the Administration of Government Amendments, Hall, C.
HB100Veterans Treatment Court Act, Snow, L.
HB103Utah Promise Scholarship Program Amendments, Owens, D.
HB105Water Facilities Amendments, Wilde, L.
HB110 Inmate Expenses Amendments, Andersen, K. 
HB119Child Care Amendments, Kwan, K.
HB122Council-manager Form of Government Amendments, Sagers, D.
HB128License Plate Reading Technology Amendments, Brooks, W.
HB138Transportation Corridor Preservation Amendments, Andersen, K.
HB142Criminal Proceeding Amendments, Pitcher, S.
HB143 School Bus Safety Inspection Amendments, Perry, L.
HB147Division of Real Estate Amendments, Musselman, R.
HB148Utah Recognizing Inspiring School Employees Award Program, Perry, L.
HB151Traffic Safety Amendments, Perry, L.
HB155Homeowner Association Provisions Amendments, Acton, C.
HB159Insurance Coverage Revisions, McKell, M.
HB162Securities Amendments, Mckell, M.
HB164Property Tax Modifications, Moss, J. 
HB165Telephone and Facsimile Solicitation Act Amendments, McKell, M.
HB168Public Water Supplier Relocation Amendments, Hawkes, T.
HB177Prescription Revisions, Harrison, S.
HB179Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit Amendments, Christofferson, K. 
HB180 Emissions Inspection Revisions, Maloy, C.
HB184Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts, Roberts, M. 
HB188 Emergency Management Act Amendments, Harrison, S.
HB192Property Tax Assessment Amendments, Strong, M.
HB198Eminent Domain Limitations, Pulsipher, S. 
HB199Insured Homeowners Protection Act, Shipp, R.
HB202Local Government Nuisance Ordinance Reform, Moss, J.
HB209Health Data Authority Amendments, Ward, R.
HB212Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Modifications