Governor Concludes Bill Signing

SALT LAKE CITY (April 1, 2020) – Today was the final day of Gov. Gary R. Herbert’s bill signing period. He signed nine bills, vetoed 5, and signed HB3, with line item vetoes. The letters explaining those vetoes and line item vetoes are attached. One bill went into law without the governor’s signature, and the governor chose not to concur with one concurrent resolution. 

The governor signed the following bills: 

HB3Appropriations Adjustments, Last, B. 
HB29 Building Code Amendments, Schultz, M.
SB44 Limited Support Services Waiver Amendments, Hemmert, D. 
SB117Higher Education Financial Aid Amendments, Hemmert, D. 
SB133Public-private Partnerships Amendments, Hemmert, D. 
SB141Multicounty Assessing and Collecting Levy Amendments, Hemmert, D.  
SB161Title Insurance Amendments, Hemmert, D.
SB217State Retirement Amendments, Hemmert, D. 
SCR9 Concurrent Resolution Addressing Olympics, Hemmert, D. 
SCR13Concurrent Resolution Encouraging More Study into Emotional Support Animals, Hemmert, D. 

The governor vetoed the following bills: 

HB59Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles, Stoddard, A.
HB278Jordan River Amendments, Acton, C. 
HB269Tax Credit Amendments, Sagers, D. 
HB332Special Needs Scholarship Amendments, Schultz, M. 
HB356Railroad Amendments, Ferry, J. 

The governor chose to let one bill become law without his signature: 

HB243Warning Labels Amendments, Brammer, B. 

The governor did not concur with the following resolution: 

SCR8Concurrent Resolution in Support of the Chinese People Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak, Anderegg, J. 

In total, Governor Herbert signed 477 pieces of legislation from the 2020 General Legislative Session during the 20-day signing period. He vetoed five bills, and allowed one to go into law without signature. 

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