Hospitals are Open and Safe to Use

The coronavirus pandemic has come with its fair share of startling statistics and data—some expected and some unexpected. Managing the response to the virus has been a complex web of decisions on how to most effectively and efficiently respond to these trends. One of the more concerning data points surrounds the decline of hospital visits over the last several months.

According to a study published by the CDC, hospital emergency departments across the nation saw steep declines in visits with the onset of the pandemic. During the month of April, emergency room visits declined 42 percent compared to April of 2019. Additionally, there was a 35 percent reduction in the number of patients showing symptoms of a heart attack at emergency rooms over the past several months, meaning fewer patients are seeking the critical care they need.

If these trends continue, they can pose a new kind of concern for community health. In certain instances, forgoing visits with your medical provider can be life-threatening. Even for patients simply going in for routine check-ups can potentially see issues arise if they do not attend their appointments. Medical staff are integral for providing preventative care and keeping communities healthy during this time.

This is why we are calling on Utahns to not skip their medical appointments. Utah’s world-class hospitals and clinics are safe and ready for your healthcare needs. An extraordinary level of precautions and procedures have been implemented to ensure that both patients and caregivers can remain safe. Those seeking care should feel confident that their needs can still be safely met. If you are feeling possible coronavirus symptoms however, it remains important for you to call your healthcare provider before going in.

The need for timely healthcare has become increasingly salient during this pandemic. Our hospitals have done miraculous work to help continue providing invaluable services, and we urge Utahns to not delay their care.