Utah Ranked as Second-Best State in the Nation for Teachers

WalletHub has recently ranked Utah as the second-best state in the nation for teachers. This ranking examined two key dimensions: “Opportunity & Competition” and “Academic & Work Environment” to rank all 50 states. These two categories were further stratified using 25 relevant metrics including average teacher salary and quality of school system.

Utah took second place through posting the third-best numbers for “Opportunity and Competition” and the 16th-best for “Academic & Work Environment Rank.” 

Teachers are the lifeblood of Utah’s rising generation, and Governor Herbert has striven during his administration to elevate their standing within our education system. With the novel coronavirus pandemic proving to be an additional strain on our instructors, it is more important than ever to provide our educators with the support they need to help their students thrive. Utah’s first-place ranking in “Existence of Digital Learning Plan,” highlights the state’s preparedness for navigating the learning experience during COVID-19. 

Though Utah posted an enviable overall ranking and is a leading state in several categories, some areas are still in need of improvement. Governor Herbert is committed to continuing to do what he can to leave a lasting positive impact on Utah’s education system.