Governor Announces Small Business Grant

During the governor’s weekly press briefing this morning, Governor Herbert announced the launch of a new $2 million “Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant” for small businesses in Utah.

The grant was created using federal CARES Act funding as a way to provide an important lifeline to Utah’s many small businesses who may be experiencing payroll issues during the pandemic.

Small businesses who are eligible for the grant will have less than 50 employees, and will be able to spend grant funds on employee reimbursement for staff who have either:

  1. Tested positive for COVID-19 and subsequently been asked to isolate/quarantine


  1. Had confirmed exposure to someone who tested positive and subsequently been asked to isolate/quarantine

Employers can then pay employees who have been asked to stay home for up to 40 hours a week for a period of up to two calendar weeks. 

This grant will play a vital role in protecting both the health and livelihoods of Utahns. One of the most effective ways to prevent a business from being forced to shutter its doors is by asking sick employees to stay home. Without the assurance of financial security, many employees may have hesitated to tell their employer of a positive test result or exposure, posing a health risk to their fellow employees and patrons alike. This new program helps alleviate some of those concerns. 

Governor Herbert is cognizant of the fact that the pandemic has hit our small business community particularly hard. He is a firm believer that any economic recovery that does not include our small businesses will not truly be a full and prosperous recovery. Through providing grant programs such as this, the state economy is better prepared to rebound with even greater resiliency. 

For more information on eligibility requirements and how you might apply, visit: our Labor Commission website here. You can also find more information on potential financial resources for your business on our coronavirus webpage here.