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Employment and Population Impacts of Circle Four Farms:

Four Development Scenarios

August 14, 1996

Prepared for:
Beaver County Commission 
105 East Center 
Beaver, Utah 84713 
Prepared by:
Demographic and Economic Analysis 
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget 
116 State Capitol 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 


Circle Four Farms is a large and expanding pork production facility located primarily in Beaver County, Utah. The firm indicates that it might expand its operations in the state to include meat processing as well as livestock production. Given the magnitude and scope of the planned and proposed operations, the associated labor requirements, and the sparseness of the current population in this area, Circle Four will undoubtedly have a significant effect on the future of this area of southwestern Utah, particularly Beaver County.

This research estimates the population and employment impacts for each of four possible Circle Four Farms development scenarios. There is still a great deal of uncertainty as to exactly which of the development scenarios will occur, the configuration of the transportation component of the operation, and the geographical distribution of the increased population. This research has been prepared by the Demographic and Economic Analysis Section of the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget at the request of the Beaver County Commission. Assumptions associated with the four scenarios have been developed in collaboration with the Division of Business and Economic Development of the Department of Community and Economic Development, which has, in turn, been directly involved with Circle Four, other state agencies, and local officials and planners . The impacts discussed here have been generated by the Utah Process Economic and Demographic Model (UPED) and sub-county allocations of these have been produced by a single constraint gravity model; both of these are components of the State of Utah Demographic and Economic Projection Model System.

The first section of this report explains the broad outlines of the Circle Four Farms development scenarios. Emphasis is given to the magnitude, timing , and location of direct construction and project employment.

The second section constitutes the bulk of the report; it contains the findings of this research. Summary results, region level impacts, and sub-county disaggregations of impacts are each given separate treatment.

The third section presents the industry context of the Circle Four development.

Table of Contents

Development Scenarios

Population and Employment Impacts

Industry Context

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