Jill Remington Love

Heritage and Arts, Heritage and Arts

Jill Remington Love brings 20 plus years of public service experience to State Government. Jill has worked for Salt Lake City Mayors Ted Wilson, Palmer DePaulis and Ralph Becker.

Most recently, Jill served in Mayor Ralph Becker’s cabinet as Director of Community and Economic Development. In this role she was responsible for planning, housing and neighborhood development, the Salt Lake City Arts Council, and Economic Development for Salt Lake City. Jill also served 12 years on the Salt Lake City Council. While serving in this capacity, she was elected to Council leadership a number of times and served as the President of the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

In addition to her public sector experience Jill has 5 years of experience with communication and advertising. Jill is the recent recipient of the 2015 Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Democratic Party, and the Alumni Achievement Award from the Department of Communications at the University of Utah (2012).

Jill has a BS in Communications and an MPA from the University of Utah.

Jill is married to Perrin Love, and they have three children: Robert, Elizabeth and Catherine.