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Frequently Asked Questions on SB 96

Q: Why bother with voter initiatives if the government is going to replace what the voters wanted? Government should come from the people. We voted, it passed, make it work. A: Voter initiatives are a vital part of Utah’s lawmaking process. They provide a way to address important issues that lawmakers may have been slow […]

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How I see S.B. 96: Sustainable Medicaid Expansion

Without any kind of Medicaid expansion, roughly 70,000 Utahns would be too poor to qualify for subsidies on the federal health insurance exchange, and yet would not qualify for Medicaid. We have all been concerned about filling this significant “coverage gap” in our social safety net. Meanwhile, under the Affordable Care Act, Utahns have been […]

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Governor’s Press Conference with KUER 11/15/2018

Governor Gary Herbert addressed questions from local reporters on wide-ranging issues, including: Medical Marijuana (Proposition 2), Utah County Elections Issues, Lawsuits, Education Funding, and the passing of notable Utahns. Watch here:    

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