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Executive director of Governor’s Office of Management and Budget makes case for tax reform

In a recent op-ed published on, Kristen Cox, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, made the case for reforming Utah’s tax structure to meet the demands of the future. “If we don’t take corrective action,” Cox writes, “we will face a fiscal crisis where we will be unable to fund […]

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Gov. Herbert pushes for tax reform

A recent article published in Utah Business stressed the importance of Gov. Herbert’s recent push encouraging the Utah Legislature to modernize tax the state sales tax structure.

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Governor Herbert’s 2020 Budget Plan

It is no secret Utah is succeeding economically. Our economy is thriving, our population is expanding, and our state revenue has reached a record high. With all this prosperity, we need to plan strategically to combat the challenges of our own success. The $19 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2020 that I have proposed addresses […]

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