Let’s Go Utah

Gov. Cox grew up in rural Utah and his family has lived and farmed in Sanpete County for six generations. Up until his election as governor, he lived in Fairview and commuted 200 miles almost daily to maintain his residence there during his service as lieutenant governor.  

Because he understands the needs of Utah’s rural areas, Gov. Cox is committed to bringing citizens in every part of Utah the same access to the supports necessary for prosperity. Rural Utah is key to the state’s economic recovery. Improving rural infrastructure — roads, bridges and broadband access — and promoting telework options will offer both employers and workers new opportunities to grow and thrive in rural areas. To shepherd this transformation, Cox has appointed a senior advisor of rural affairs, a first for a governor’s administration. 

During his campaign, Cox visited all 248 cities and towns throughout the state and as governor, he pledges he will represent all Utahns, no matter where they live.

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