Inauguration 2021: Gov.-elect Spencer Cox and Lt. Gov.-elect Deidre Henderson conclude their One Utah Food Drive with hands-on service and a call for donations at the first event of their inaugural weekend

ST. GEORGE, UTAH (Jan. 2, 2021) — Gov.-elect Spencer Cox and Lt. Gov.-elect Deidre Henderson kicked off their inaugural events with a service project at the Southern Utah distribution center of the Utah Food Bank, 4416 River Road in St. George.

“Service is a core value for us and we know there are so many Utahns struggling with food insecurity right now,” Cox said. “We encourage all Utahns to continue to donate what they can to the Utah Food Bank to help those who need our support.”

Cox, Henderson and their families sorted food donations at the center, but separately in order to meet COVID restrictions. The Cox family sorted cans of chili, soups and boxed goods from 12 noon-1 p.m. and the Henderson family sorted from 1-2 p.m. at the facility.

This Day of Service was the culmination of a month-long call for food donations. As of Jan. 1, the One Utah Food Drive raised $209,178.33 as well as 35,136 pounds of food donations at locations throughout the state. 

With more than 500,000 Utahns facing food insecurity right now, many Utahns are turning to the Utah Food Bank for the first time, said Ginette Bott, president and CEO of the Utah Food Bank.

“Because of the COVID-19 economic downturn, we are seeing a sharp increase in need,” Bott said. “The Utah Food Bank can stretch every dollar into $8.03 worth of food and services, so every donation truly has an impact on Utahns who face hunger.”

Lt. Gov.-elect Henderson emphasized that children are especially at risk because of the pandemic and she encouraged Utahns to continue to give. 

“Now, one in five Utah children are facing hunger. Because so many schools closed due to COVID, some kids are not getting the breakfasts and lunches that our schools usually serve,” Henderson said. “Schools are doing the best they can to distribute grab-and-go meals provided by the Utah Food Bank, but they need our continued support.”

Those interested in donations or current needs can visit the Utah Food Bank for more information.

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